Monday, August 29, 2005

Murphy's Law

If you buy the toddler the cool new shoes for school, she will step in dog poop before you make it inside the house with them.


After a disasterous outing with my mother in which Annika peed in her underpants while my mother yelled "SHAAAMMMME!!! SHAAAAAAMMMME!!!", we've had a good couple of days with the potty-training. The "potty in your diaper at the pool means it is time to go home" rule has worked very well and proven that Annika can use the potty and remember to tell us when she needs to go. Today she was very good about making pee pee in the potty all morning, but this afternoon she pooped in her underpants.

I was very understanding and calm and cleaned it up without a big production. We talked about paying attention to the poop and how to use the potty. I think this will help avoid the fear of underpants we've been experiencing in the past weeks. Am I right about this or am I just a sucker being manipulated by a smart 2-year old?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Sweet Girl

Last week I took our daughter for a walk at the greenway with a friend. She was remarkably well-behaved, especially for being restrained in the stroller in the hot and steamy jungle. As a reward, and because I needed a snack, we went to the local Starbucks for a beverage. Iced mocha for me and chocolate milk for her. We also had yummy snacks. She was quite the lady for most of the time - sitting up on the bench and eating her snack regally. She wanted to lay on the bench, but I nipped that in the bud.

Anyway, after we finished and cleaned up our area, she turns to me and says "Thank you for the great meal, Mommy". She is our sweet girl.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Adventures in Pee

Since I'm very pregnant, bad odors bother me. OK, bad odors always bother me more than the average bear, but the hormones from pregnancy make everything smell a lot worse and I'm far crabbier than usual so . . .

The dog peed in our closet this morning. Again. She had a urinary tract infection, but the vet says it is resolved but her inability to hold it has remained. I've washed the clean-up towels twice and I've cleaned the carpet, but the room still reeks. This would be small potatoes if not for the fact that I washed two sets of sheets yesterday because (1) Annika's pull-up leaked on the first set and (2) Annika was sitting on another bed when she forgot she was wearing underpants and let loose. HARUMPH! Fear not - order will be restored with a trip to Home Depot for deodorizing cleaner and some elbow grease.

In other pee news, we are holding off on the potty training for now and Annika is back in pull-ups because we realized that we were putting too much pressure on her to perform. Each trip to the bathroom had become a test of wills - mainly because we scared her by getting angry and yelling after she had a series of accidents. Granted, she had been on the potty immediately prior to each of said accidents and insisted that she was done and did not need to poop or pee, but we think she might cooperate better if she thinks using the potty is her idea and that having an accident is not that big a deal. Even if it is a big deal - a big smelly one.