Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Word to the Brother

All parents divide their labor and time with their children in their own way. I don't think that there is a right or wrong way to do this but it seems like every set creates their own system. In our system for baths and bedtime, I bathed Annika and put her to bed just about every night of her life - until Dagny was born. When Dagny came, Doug took over without any discussion with me and now he bathes Annika and puts her to bed while I do the same for Dagny. It's easier for me to do Dagny because of the boobs.

Anyway, I was talking to my mom last week and she mentioned that my sister and her husband bathe Sophie together. Every night. What a guy that Rob is.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Stealth Soreness

I was supposed to run in a race on Saturday. However, my illustrious running buddy was ill, then Doug had to borrow my car for work so I was just going to run in the neighborhood but I overslept. Curses.

Undaunted (well, maybe a little daunted), I unearthed the exercise videos and spent 40 minutes with my pal Billy. I sweated, but not so much and was frankly a little disappointed in the workout experience. Be patient grasshopper! The stealth workout caused so much soreness that I couldn't move yesterday, and I'm only marginally better today. Now I can be disappointed not in my workout video, but in the fact that I was in good enough shape to do this workout without soreness while I was 7 months pregnant but not now.

In other news, Dagny was baptized yesterday so she won't go to Limbo. She was a good girl and only cried a little. I'll post photos soon.

Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm THAT woman

Yesterday we had to vacate the house in the morning, so I took the girls to J. Christopher's for breakfast. Annika was a dream. She drank her juice and ate her cheese and bacon grits and an english muffin with a minimum of stress. Dagny, on the other hand, refused to eat and did a lot of screaming. I tried to get her to eat, but to no avail. Everytime I put her to the breast, she freaked out. I had to remove the hooter hider and go uncovered because she didn't want anything on her head. Despite our location (back of restaurant, facing the wall), anyone who looked could have had a nice view of my boob. Maybe just my tummy and nipple, but still. In the parking lot at this restaurant, we tried to eat again inside the car. While I was attempting the feeding (in the driver's seat in full view of anyone who cared to look in my window), a woman parked 6 inches from my car and hit my mirror on her way into the restaurant. Imagine my delight when I found that I couldn't even open the car door enough to put Dagny in her carseat. After a brief temper tantrum in which I punched the woman's car and used various curse words (no damage to car, out of earshot of kids), we went to Target. Dagny screamed basically the whole time we were there. Then, we went to Annika's dance class. Dagny decided that she would skip that feeding also. My blood pressure rose and she cried during the whole class. On the way home, I got fast food for Annika's lunch because Dagny was STILL CRYING and then she fell asleep in the car. She stayed asleep until 2:30pm when we got to the doctor to see what was wrong with her.

What was wrong? Nothing. She ate fine once she woke up in the waiting room of the doctor's office. All nurses and docs at the office thought I was a moron because the nurse on the phone told me to bring her in and I did.

All day, I was "that woman" - the one who sits behind you in the restaurant with the screaming child, the one who whips it out in public, the one with spit-up on her shirt, the one whose child screams while she is shopping, the one who causes you to move to have a phone conversation because her kid is so loud, the one who feeds her kid nasty fast food, the one who goes to the doctor for no good reason, the one who can't keep her shit together.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Clean Girl

One of the best parts of my day is after Dagny has had her bath (Doug does Annika's bath, bless him) and her last feeding and she has fallen asleep in my arms. I lift her gently and take her to her crib. She is so sweet and beautiful and smells good.

Usually, she is sweet and beautiful but also wet with drool and smells like spit-up. If she is dry and smells good, I can pretend that I'm doing everything right.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rainy Days

Rainy days are difficult with kids at home. Everyone gets crabby, boredom sets in, tempers flare, nothing good happens - unless you live at my house. When it rains, Doug frequently comes home during the day because not much work happens in construction when it is raining. Yesterday the weather was crappy, cold and rainy but Doug came home for lunch and then made a yummy soup for our dinner. I made a nice soda bread - from my new cookbook. I didn't get my work done because Dagny wasn't napping well (typical) and I was making the bread, but it was a nice day.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Dagny Dagny Dagny

Last week, when the knitting ladies came for dinner, Dagny laughed at Corinne - OUT LOUD! What a glorious, musical sound! I was nearly speechless with wonder but then Doug came around the corner and said "She laughed? She's been doing that for about a week now." Apparently, I'm just not as funny as Corinne and Doug.

On Thursday, we busted out the parenting books to see when Dr. Spock and the others thought it would be time for Dagny to sleep through the night. Of course the books said that she should have been doing it already. So, Doug had a talk with Dagny on Thursday and a pep talk with me about letting her complain because she doesn't need to get up and voila! - she slept from 9pm-7:30am. She did the same on Friday and was only up at 1am with a messy diaper on Saturday. Last night we had our first actual "crying it out" incident. She complained for about 30 minutes and then went to sleep. Doug held my hand the whole time. She never started screaming the "I'm hungry, damnit!" cry or the "Where is the freaking boob?" cry, so maybe she really wasn't hungry. I went in to check on her after a few minutes and she had scooted up so that her head was near the end of the crib but was sleeping peacefully. Then, when she did wake up hungry at 4am (which is totally OK with me - it's the 1-2am that I can't stand), she had scooted whole body to the end of the crib and turned sideways. One minute they can't move a bit and then next minute they are scooting all over the crib! It won't be long now until she rolls over.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Bad Mother

The dog got in BIG TROUBLE just now for freaking out when the Brownie from next door came by selling the cookies. Ordinarily the barking freak-out would be fine, but Annika is sleeping and Dagny is about to go down, so I can't have the dog waking up the girl. Annie is just a dog and it's her nature to tell us when someone is at the door, but it makes me more than a little crazy when she does that during Annika's nap - almost as bad when both kids start screaming while I'm trying to drive the car.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cool Stuff I Got for Christmas

MMMMM, cookbooks. Doug gave me three cookbooks from the Cook's Illustrated folks and they rock. Last night Doug made (I helped chop) Chicken Provencal out of the "1000 Best Recipes" and over the weekend, I've made Winter Vegetable Pot Pie out of the "Cover and Bake" for the knitting ladies coming for dinner tonight. I had planned to make Chicken Pot Pie last night, but Doug wanted to try something unusual instead. Wow, pot pie is a pain, though. I thought it would be simple and fast because I did most of my chopping yesterday, but no. These Cooks folks are not corner-cutters. Even the "Cover and Bake" recipes (casseroles, mostly) are involved and don't use any pre-made food except for stock. However, I've been making stuff out of their magazine for a few years now and I can safely say that nothing that I've tried has been less than darn good and some stuff was amazing.

Also, Doug (and girls) gave me what appears to be called a buffet casserole pan from Le Creuset. It is made of cast iron and you can put it on the stove and in the oven. And it's green. So cool. Just wait until I try the pineapple upside down cake I saw on Emeril last week while Doug and Annika were gone.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What ifs

Twice yesterday (once with my mom and once with my friends Michelle and Kara) I found myself discussing what would have been different if we (me, the conversation partners or old boyfriends) had married someone else than who we actually married. It reminded me of something Doug told me once while we were discussing the compulsion I have to remain friends with old boyfriends. He said that he didn't care what they were like or if I still spoke to them because he was glad that they brought me down the path that led to him.

Some folks would say that you are "meant" for your mate or that fate or God brought you together, but I think I like Doug's analysis that your decisions determine your path(s) - like those "choose your own adventure" books. If you pick option A,then options B and C are foreclosed to you but options C and D open up later on. Maybe fate or God is still behind it, but I think the key is to trust your decision and be happy about it rather than "what if"-ing. I'm glad those old boyfriends brought me here and I expect that the old boyfriends are thankful that I led them some of the way to where they are. : )

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm the Devil

I don't know if it is a mood or hormones or the weather or lack of sleep or depression or the devil, but I am really battling the negativity lately. There was an article in "The Georgia Bulletin" yesterday which blamed it on the Devil, so who really knows? Now that we are officially back "in" with the Church, I get the Bulletin again. It had some interesting articles, though, including the Devil one, but the good part was the ads for schools with listings of their open house days.

Whatever the problem is, I'm finding it very difficult to get or stay in a decent mood. Doug and Annika left this morning for Disney World with Doug's mom. They called to check in (see why I like this man?) and are having a super time. I decided it would suck to be at Disney and/or a hotel room with a nursing infant who wakes twice during the night to eat and I still think that, but now I'm feeling sorry for myself because I'm missing out. In addition, I spent a good bit of the night (not much sleeping going on) angry because Doug didn't take the Christmas tree back upstairs like I asked him to last week. Does the Christmas tree really matter? Who cares if it sits in the den another week? But noooo - I just couldn't let it go. Luckily I have learned enough about my crappy moods to keep my mouth shut until the feeling passed instead of picking a fight about it. Of course, before I let the feeling pass, I had to take it upstairs my damn self instead of sleeping or leaving for the birthday party I was supposed to visit. Stupid.

Maybe some endorphins would help. After we finish our obligations tomorrow, maybe Dagny and I can go for a walk/run. I think that would improve my mood greatly. In the meantime, I'm going to continue my cleaning out the pantry project. Did you know that we have 3 jars of honey? Me neither.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Evil Cookies

Corinne gave me cookies and a lovely Santa plate for Christmas this weekend. Unfortunately, the cookies are possessed by the devil so that they keep jumping into my mouth whenever I walk by the kitchen. It is totally unfair to give delicious baked goods to someone struggling to lose their pregnancy weight.

In the unpossessed photos shown above: Dagny is wearing the lovely poncho Corinne knitted for her, and Annika is having a tea party with Dogarita on Christmas morning. Please note that Dogarita is wearing the pajamas Santa brought her and that both ladies have their napkins in their laps - HA!

While I was typing this post, Annika brought me Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head to reattach their bottoms (the hatch to the secret storage place). She said, "dere bottoms don stay on dere any mo". Having just typed this, I noticed that it does not adequately convey the cuteness of Annika. Maybe you will just have to take my word for it.