Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Didja Know?

Did you know that Thursdays are free beer glass night at Taco Mac? The food is iffy and the bathrooms are ugly, but the beer is lovely and I just noticed what a great collection of glasses we have. Just imagine if we remembered to take them home every time!

Dagny actually stood still for me to take her photo this morning. She was in a very good mood. I'm about to go and get her up for lunch. She was setting up a tea party on the little table with her milk and cups at each place. Then, a poo happened and she had to get a change and a rest. We thought today was service officer day at school and borrowed the police uniform from cousin Clay. Thanks Katie and Clay! I'll have to wash it tomorrow so that Annika can wear it again on the right day. Sometimes, all of these clothing instructions (color day, costume day, pajama day) are irritating. The fire truck will be appearing at school so that will be cause for big excitement, though. As you can see, Dagny is learning to use her spoon very well. She likes ice cream the best but dry cereal is fine too.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Not So Very Smart

So, in the beautiful weather this afternoon I took Annika and Dagny up the street to play with their cousins. In the whirlwind of getting ready for the outing (filling water, using the bathroom, etc), Doug suggested that Annika drive her jeep. We bought this for her for Christmas from a friend whose daughter had outgrown it. Against my better judgment (because Doug made me feel like an asshole), I made the "if a car is coming at you, you must stop" rule and off we went.

Because it was too scary for me to strap Dagny into the car with Annika, I pushed her in the push-n-ride car with it tilted into a wheelie so that her feet didn't catch on the pavement. So, we had the first near miss crossing the street in front of our house. Annika panicked while I was trying to explain where to drive (against the curb, facing traffic) and stopped in the middle of the road. I (still holding Dagny in wheelie-position) grabbed the bar of the car and yanked her over to the curb out of the way of the oncoming car. We will be lucky if her neck isn't sore. Sigh. After another discussion of where to drive, we were off. I think that those 0.4 miles were the longest of my life.

Did I mention that the jeep has two speeds? Low, which is a crawl, and fast, which is faster than I can walk. So I walked then jogged, walked then jogged. We made it to Katie's house without wrecking and fun was had by all. Annika only had one time-out and it was only because she ran the car into me. Much better than running into her cousins or sister, and she didn't do it intentionally. She is just a bad driver (just like Mom!). Katie offered to drive us home (to get the car later) but I sucked it up, put the car in low speed for the downhill and off we went. Annika hates low speed. I let her put in back in fast when we got to the flat parts.

Upon our return (not too much the worse for wear), Doug said "why didn't you just put Dagny in the car." I explained the terror of Annika driving Dagny and that I couldn't walk fast enough to keep up. He said that I should have put Dagny in and jogged alongside, with the idea of grabbing the car if Annika made a driving error. Maybe next trip. In the meantime, I'm going to get an adult beverage and try to calm down.

In other news, Annika's pants (size 4-T) are too short. She has actually been eating for the past two days, so we thought a growth spurt was upon us and 'lo it appears to have already happened.

Still other news: my parents have moved into the neighborhood. I think Dad is enjoying it already, but hopefully Mom will warm up on the idea soon. Dagny and Annika LOVE to drop by for visits or grocery errands.

Running: Tuesday was an 8 mile tempo run. Tempo-schmempo. I ran at the park and Garmin was worthless. He kept stopping while I was still running. I think I ran almost 8 miles at about a 9 minute/mile pace. Thursday was the hill sprints with walking in between - 3.37 miles at a 9:15 combined pace. Saturday was an 8.34 mile long run at 9:20 pace - it was my first non-park run and I did OK to end up back at the front of our subdivision (it's all downhill from there) at close to the 8 mile goal. Probably I should have eaten something before I did this run because it was pre-breakfast but I had to get back by 7 for Doug to leave for his tournament, so I chalked it up to fat-burning training. I'm STILL craving salt, though. Maybe I'll have gatorade next time. Anyone noticing a trend on the pacing? Yep, it was the week of 9 - that wasn't the plan, but oh well.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Scourge

Now that I'm the mother of toddler and preschooler, I'm coming around to the idea that pinkeye is the new scourge. I know that you can give it to yourself and that toddlers are most likely to do it because of the frequent finger/nose + finger/eye contact, but frequently (like the throw-up virus), it seems like folks send their kids out sick so that they spread their crud to everyone else.

Yesterday, Doug's sister called me at work to tell me that one of the other moms in Annika's class reported that 3 kids in the class have pinkeye (3 out of 13). Yikes! Annika's eyes were goopy yesterday morning but didn't look red. After a warning email to Doug, 2 hours of worrying about my own itchy eyes and one trip to the ladies room to wash hands and check the mirror, I realized that maybe it's just spring. That, and I saw a sign at the eye doctor's office on the way home that said something about allergies. Me being crazy and paranoid is nothing new.

However, I took Annika to her first swim lesson today. She whined and acted like she was going to drown (she was not - they put a floatie on her at the beginning so that she wouldn't sink) - it was very embarrassing, but hilarious. Wow, are we ever going to have to work on toughening her up, though. What a wuss. Anyway - back to the story, while we were waiting to begin the lesson, one of the teachers showed up late to work. The other instructors had been whispering about him prior to his arrival because he was late. His right eye was swollen shut and he said that it hurt to even open it. That's right - pinkeye. No one said that out loud, and the guy said he would do his lessons with goggles on, but they sent him home.


I was very worried about the scene I was about to make about how my kid was not getting in the pool with oozy eye boy.

Monday, February 19, 2007


The photos are apropos of nothing. I was trying to capture Dagny and Annika while they were all dressed up in their pretty dresses the other day, but had only limited success. Above, my friends Michelle, Corinne and Beth during the Christmas knitting night with cracker crowns.

Then, Annika showing me her beautiful dress and smile. I think it was on Valentines Day. I took photos of Dagny too, but hers were blurry because she is so fast. So, I put in a Christmas on of her instead. Same dress, though, so just imagine her taller with more hair.
The Skubetzelis is a Lithuanian word which means klutz (we think, but possibly with stupid and some bad words involved). We don't mean it as stupid or with cursing, though, it's just that Annika is currently so clumsy that the words "klutz" or "clumsy" do not cover it adequately. Yesterday, she fell off of her chair at least three times, flipped a grocery cart over on herself and crashed on the floor while walking or dancing more times than I counted. This, after hitting her lip on the kitchen counter on Saturday. She must be having a growth spurt. Poor thing, she is all bruised and battered.
In other news, on Tues - 4 mile tempo run at 8:53 pace, very slow and sluggish. Thurs, 3.32 mile hill sprints/walks at combined 8:56 pace. Sun, 10 miles at 9:24 pace. That was my longest run of my training so far (and farther than any run for my Disney race). I'm sore today, but was not in any appreciable pain yesterday. Next time, I'll make a better route and station some water or gatorade so that I don't have to avail myself of the QuickTrip. Doug told me to run somewhere else and he was right, again.
Still other news, we made our adult dinner on Saturday and had the fancy wine that I bought Doug for Valentines Day. We are still wondering whether we don't appreciate wine enough to like the expensive stuff or if it was simply not a good choice. It seems to me that we are far less likely to be disappointed in a bottle of wine if we only paid $14 for it - we expect less, but are surprised when it is (frequently) better than that. And the $5.49 Valpolicello at Trader Joes -delicious.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Now That's Action

Today the House passed a resolution (non-binding) which says that they disapprove of President Bush's direction in Iraq. In case you've not heard of this, read a story on MSNBC here.

Regardless of your position on the war in Iraq or President Bush, doesn't a non-binding resolution saying that they don't like his plan seem dumb? I remember listening to a Representative (don't recall his name - he's not from GA) say on NPR on the day after the State of the Union address that he really needed to "DO SOMETHING" about this new plan and that his action would be to propose a non-binding resolution. What kind of action is that? Who doesn't know how their Representative feels about this issue? Or their Senator? What is the point of a non-binding resolution but to send a big F-you to the Executive Branch? And that helps our country, how? Doesn't the Congress send the President a big F-you every day anyway? Seems like it to me.

Why do they waste our tax dollars this way? I think these folks have a bit too much time on their hands and might need some real jobs.

I'm "off" from my paying job today and Annika was supposed to go away with Doug's folks for the weekend. We had big plans for running this afternoon and an adult dinner, with wine. Instead, Annika threw up on the rug in the den. She seems fine, though, so that is good - but if anyone knows how to get vomit out of the fringe of a rug, please let me know.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Food Wars

Mike just posted about the food issues going on at their house. Annika has developed the delightful habit of sitting with her food in her mouth (un- or partially-chewed) when she is supposed to be eating. Sometimes she even adds little gagging sounds to increase our fun. The offending food doesn't have to be anything that she doesn't like (onions, peppers, anything good) - sometime it is something as yummy as applesauce or bananas.

Last night, we had a meal of Chinese food that we got at Trader Joes - Shu Mai and Chicken Lemongrass sticks (which are a lot like taquitos with lemon flavoring) and honey glazed baby carrots (not from Trader Joes, but from Doug's imagination). No dice. After 10 minutes at the table with her first bite of Shu Mai in her mouth, Doug sent Annika to "The Chair" to chew it up and swallow with the instructions that she couldn't return to the table until she finished. She sat there for an hour while Doug and I had a delightful dinner and shared a bottle of wine and conversation. Dagny screamed a lot because Annika was missing and because she wasn't hungry either, but we can talk louder than she can scream. Apparently, the pile of Chik-Fil-A nuggets that they had for lunch at Annika's Valentines party filled them up so that they weren't interested in dinner (except for Dagny's cheerios). Too bad, they missed out.

Just wait until Annika figures out that she can spit out the food that is sitting in her mouth.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's Going Around

On the eve of our big race - the 10K Peachtree qualifier, I woke at 12:52am to find Doug awake. "I've been throwing up all night and I have a fever," he said. Food poisoning or the roto-virus? We don't know, but he is still in bed with his ginger ale. He will have to race another day. The girls and I are going to relax the rest of the day and try to stay quiet.

I picked up our babysitter (bless her) and went to the race with Joe and Virginia and we had a lovely run, except for the ridiculous cold. Running is not so much fun when the temperature is in the 20s. However, I got my qualifying time for the Peachtree and a new fastest mile record. Here is the weekly report:

My training plan said to run 6x400s, a 6 mile tempo run and a 6 mile long run. I was a little off because of the work/run time crunch, but the results were generally good.

Mon: 4 mile tempo run at 8:45 avg pace. Cold and no fun.
Wed: overslept because the dog got up at 3:30 to pee - no run
Thurs: dog got up at 4, so I ran early - 3.31 miles hill sprints, walking down the hills at a combined 9:00 pace. I was sluggish because of not enough sleep and not wanting to overdo prior to Saturday's race
Sat: Race day - according to Garmin, I went 6.4 miles at an average 7:47 pace with mile 6 being the fastest at 7:24. That is my fastest recorded mile ever. Thank you, Joe and Virginia, for the encouragement and pacing. According to the race clock, I finished in 49:54 and Garmin said 49:55 so I don't know where the extra 0.2 miles came from.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Day Off

Today is one of my days off from my office work. In a fit of feeling sorry for myself, I was going to list all of the zillion errands we've done today. Other than the scone from Starbucks, the half-bag of veggie chips (sweet potato, taro, beet-colored sweet potato and something else I've never heard of) and the two trips to the running store, none of it was terribly fun. However, I've done this before on the blog - another Friday when we ran ourselves ragged and got me down. Maybe it would be better if I just didn't try to cram so much stuff into one day.

So, now I'm going to get my work computer and my i-pod and sit on my bed with Annika. She is having "quiet time" today. The days of her taking naps are finished but we are both a little worn down this week so maybe I'll work or maybe it will wait until tomorrow. But at least I've got the laundry going.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Patience of a Chopping Block

Dagny is finally learning some words. They are mostly not intelligible to regular humans, though, so she gets very frustrated when we can't understand what she is saying. So frustrated that she balls her hands into fists, turns red, shakes and bangs her head on the floor - which hurts, apparently, and that only makes her more angry. We may have some discipline issues later, I'm thinking.

The word of the week is milk - sounds like meyouk.

Inquiring minds: BMI - 20.4-8, BF 20%

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


For those of you who don't frequent any online forums that use "internet-speak," TMI means too much information. Usually that means that someone is about to talk about their sex life or their poop or vomit. I will leave all of those things to your imagination. It may also be used in IMing, but I don't know how to do that so I can't comment.

Thank you, Dorothy, for reminding me that I was supposed to have done a 15 month check-up for Dagny. So, belatedly, here are the stats:

Height: 32 inches (80th percentile and exactly the same as Annika at this age)
Weight: 22lb, 11oz (38th percentile, down from 57th at the last visit - I thought she was looking thinner. That's almost 3lbs more than Annika at this age)
Head: 18.5 inches (69th percentile - still a pea, but not as much as Annika)

It's very interesting to see how little their body shapes resemble each other - Annika is thin and slight and Dagny is sturdy. When I was little/adolescent, my Grammy told me (to make me feel better about not being thin) that I was sturdy. Oooh, I hated being sturdy at the time, but now it makes me happy. I hear/read "sturdy" and I think "kick-ass."

In other news, Doug bought us a new scale because ours was getting a little erratic. Doug was having 8 lb weight shifts in 24 hr periods. I said it just needed a battery, but now we own a body composition monitor which tells us our weight, % bodyfat and % water. How's that for TMI?

Party at My House!

Doug is going to the hockey game tonight with some friends and after I learned that the running will not fit into my schedule this afternoon, I thought to myself - cool! What are we going to DO? Just as if it were my parents leaving me alone for the evening.

So, chick movies? drinking the mom-and-dad-not-homes? breakfast for dinner? everyone sleeping in my room? prank calls? bras in the fridge?

Who knows, the world is our oyster. Dagny and I will hit the Trader Joes while Annika is at school to see what we should get for dinner because, let's face it, Doug usually makes our dinner. Maybe this won't be so much fun after all.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Not So Deep

So, I wrote a whole post about the nature of intelligence - based on Doug and my observations of the "Top Chef" season finale and the seminar that I attended at work this week. Alas, my two little friends called me out of the office and my post was lost. Regardless, I was rooting for Sam and when he didn't make the finale - for Marcel.

In other news, I discovered this week that the guy at my favorite running store is also using (loosely) the same running plan that Virginia and I are using. His race isn't until April, though, so he is much looser than we are. Anyway, this week we were to do 3x1600s, a 5 mile tempo run and a 10 mile long run. I was so excited about my tempo run that I almost posted about it on Tuesday - see what a little hubris gets you . . .

Tues: 6.18 mile tempo run at the park at an 8:10 pace. This is the best run that I have had since June or July. I actually ran my comfortable running pace - it was so uplifting. After 3 miles, my knee stiffened and I revised my plan to only go for 4 miles. Then at 4 miles, it felt OK so I just kept going. Thank you, Doug, for coming home early so that I could run in the afternoon.

Thurs: 3.01 mile hill/speed run (sprint up, walk down) at an 8:54 pace. I got to leave work early this day (thanks again, Doug), so I ran in the afternoon. I was truly sucking it at the end - felt like my lungs were trying to heave out of my throat to get some 0xygen. And, since others were awake, I had to run on the side of the road instead of the middle. Still, an improvement over last week. My plan to go 4 miles was abandoned due to the aforementioned sucking.

Sat: 4.02 miles at a 9:38 pace. I had planned to go 8 miles this morning at a 10:00 pace - set my Garmin and everything. My knee was stiff and I nearly quit after the first mile. Fought through it and kept running through miles 2 and 3. Then I had to go potty and decided that 4 was it. I was very depressed at my knee crapping out like that, but when Doug told me the temp when I came inside (24-26 degrees F), maybe that was a good enough excuse. I'll have to meet with my pal Billy in the morning as penance/punishment/make-up, though.