Saturday, November 24, 2007

Good Day, Sunshine

Yesterday, I slept in and awoke to watch the sun rise at 7am. Beautiful pink puffy clouds.

After drinking some of the coffee Doug had already made and eating some cereal, I got Dagny from her crib, dressed her and combed her fuzzy baby hair into pigtails. Baby hair is so delicate and sweet. And the pigtails are priceless.

Doug made cinnamon rolls for breakfast (Annika ate TWO!) and we took the girls food shopping together. Dagny lost her marbles at Harry's but was better after she had some downtime in the car and ate some lunch. Sometimes the baby cart is just a little too much freedom. Dagny found the bear at Trader Joe's so there was candy for all.

Annika helped me put the lights on the Christmas tree and we decorated it together while Doug braved the cold to put on the first batch of lights outside. I got to make hot chocolate as a reward.

Doug and I cooked pasta amatriciana for dinner (mac and cheese for girls) and shared a lovely Malbec. Then, I took the girls to mom and dad's for a few minutes of fun with cousin Sophie.

It was a good day. : )

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Dorothy Gould said...

After your cold, wet run, you deserve a good day, glad to hear about it. :)