Monday, February 04, 2008

Cry, Crybaby

I called Natalie today to say that I wouldn't be able to bike this week. I left a message and it was whiney. I was frustrated because my biking for the week is all messed up because of my schedule. There are some warm days coming and I'm going to miss them all. But, then when I came home from the errands and picking the kids up from school, Doug said "why don't you go ride?"

And my response was "Thank you, but I'm too tired."


I suck.

Now, as Doug and Annika left to go to basketball practice and Doug was preparing for his run, I wish I had biked. Sigh.

I did get a new suit:

It's not my favorite color but the selection of training suits at Dick's was minimal at best so I got the best I could find. Next time I'll order myself a suit online BEFORE my old one wears out. Let me tell you, though, that shopping for training suits is just as humiliating as shopping for regular bathing suits. At least I can swim tomorrow, though. Thank goodness the REI dividend is coming soon. I want a cuter (and preferably purple) suit. Maybe for Mother's Day, we can buy me one.

A note, though, on swimsuit sizing. Speedo suits have two sizes on them: (1) the dress size that you'd wear in the misses dept, and (2) the inches you are around your bust. Do not look at the dress size. It is a lie. Go immediately to the bust size that you are - that's your bra size. Those will fit. Looking at the dress size will just waste valuable time and make you feel fat.

I don't know why I'm so low today. I ran 4 miles this morning and it was lovely once I'd waited for the rain to stop. Maybe just tired.

In other news, my dad went to Annika's basketball game with Dagny and me on Saturday. He got to witness just how little she is interested in the game. Bless him for coming, though. When she pays attention to the game, Annika is really a good little defender but that whole attention thing is not happening right now. Anyone with advice on the attention-paying, please send it my way. Seems like my voice sounds like the teacher from Charlie Brown so I need to do something to decode it.


Dorothy Gould said...

Nice suit Steph, I hear you about trying them on.

About the paying attention....Sophie is six and still not in any organized sports for that very reason. She does enjoy her dance/gym class, which is 40 minutes long. I just now put her back in it, given that K is full day, she really wasn't ready for any after school activities until she adjusted to all day K.
Give Annika time and it will come. As long as she is enjoying herself, that is really all that my humble opinion:)

Lauren said...

Note about suits. City Sports in Atlantic Station has wide variety.

Charlie said...

That suit looks really nice! I like it!

Sarah said...

I like that suit! v. cute. I need to get a new one and I'm thinking black this time. I can't believe how fast my TYR suit has worn out.

Congrats on the 40 miler! I rode 30 for the first time on Sunday. How fast do you guys ride on SCT?

Paul Kindzia said...

I think Annika just needs a new outfit to improve her focus and motivation. Maybe a new swimsuit like Mom?