Saturday, June 28, 2008


So, I'm really nervous about my race tomorrow.

Big Props to all of the ladies who are doing Iron Girl at Lake Lanier tomorrow. Annika and I had a blast giving out shirts at the Expo today. It was so cool to see all of the excitement. We saw Wes and Dee Dee, Nora, Courtney, Harmony, Mrs. Jonathan, and Jamie C. Very fun to see all of the peeps.

And, Nat finished her 100 mile bike today - I'll let her tell the details, but it sounds like she did great.

Anyway, here is what I'll be doing tomorrow. And here is the map. I'm supposed to be down here printing out the map so that I can study it and have some hope at navigation tomorrow. My secret weapon is that Doug can paddle up to me and hit me on the head with his oar if I'm going the wrong way. Thank goodness that Jason mentioned that he paddled for his wife one year. It's really going to help knowing that Doug is out there watching out for me. And, since he is doing this big paddle, we get to eat an extra good dinner. : )

Seriously, though, I'm hoping that I'll be able to remember enough of the map details to judge my distance and position so that I can understand how far I've gone, where I'm supposed to go and most importantly - how much longer.

Despite what Nat has told me, it is highly likely that I will finish last. I'm OK with that because the whole point is to finish this endeavor - it's like a swim marathon for me. I'd really like to break two hours, though. I think it's do-able if I don't get lost and don't freak out. Cross your fingers.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Race Photos

Here is a link to the West Point Lake Olympic distance race photos.

I'm bib number 43 and Doug is number 178. If you put C in the box instead of a number, there are a bunch of candid photos from the race. The guys would have liked it better if they had taken the photo of white sports bra woman from the front instead of the back. There is one of me trying to stuff my braids into my swim hat on that page. I look OK from the back. I think I'm going to have to buy the one where we are smiling with our friend Eric. We all look pretty good except that my shirt is all bunched up at the bottom. Check out Doug's abs. He is hot.

Please note, however, that all of the photos (except the one with Eric) appear wider than we are in person.

I'm just saying. . .

Oops, I Did It Again

I had planned to take the girls to run the fun run at the Chattahoochee Nature Center Possom Trot this morning. I looked up the race to find out the details as I was enjoying my post-run cereal and coffee a few minutes ago. The one mile fun run, the one for the kids - started at 7am. Oops.

Seeing as how it is now 8:35 and my little friends are still asleep, we didn't make it to the fun run. Next time . . . It's OK, though, because this was a one mile race and I don't know if Annika is ready to do a whole mile yet.

In other news, here is the list of winter marathons (my first!) we are considering, in no particular order. Lotzie - you could be ready in time for any of these! Miami looks good but might be too hot. Phoenix looks fun but is really far. St Jude might be too early and Joe says that Las Vegas is for fun and not marathons. I may be too old to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Anyway, anyone who has thoughts on these races or has done them, please give me your thoughts:

I can't build to the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon in time because it is in November and I have to focus on my bike fitness (and just maintain my run mileage) for the SC HIM in September. Therefore, I think it would be a bad idea for me to try to build from the half distance to the whole in one month after doing the really long race in September. Especially given my propensity to injure myself while building to any race. I need extra time and then some more extra time.

Off to shower, happy Saturday everyone.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Time For Losers

My title is not a slam of anyone. I've just already used "We are the Champions" this month and this video is hilarous. As you can see, I took it in the car with my phone on the way back from Grammy/Grampa's RV where Dagny and Annika stayed while Doug and I did the race on Saturday. This is about the 50th time they sang the song so I'm sure you can imagine how cute it was the first few times and while I was trying to get my phone to record.

The West Point Lake Triathlon was awesome. I really enjoyed the longer distance of the swim and run. The bike, as Nat said, will have to come eventually. I had some dark days out there on the bike. I got all disoriented and discombobulated on the swim and then when I started the bike, I was too uncoordinated to get on the dumb thing without stopping completely. Then, once I finally got started, people passed me like I was not even moving. It was upsetting.

I did, however, manage NOT to drop my GU flask in this race so that is a PR right there. I mounted it backwards, but it is now affixed to my bike and works great.

But on the bike, I was in a funk. I couldn't understand why I was doing the race, what I had been thinking when I thought a triathlon was a good idea, why couldn't I just quit, oh no - my oatmeal might be coming back up, etc. I've never had that problem in a race before and not even much in training. Usually the race day adrenaline and endorphins just ease me right through the day. Not so this time. The first third of the bike was a real struggle for me.

Then, we got to the turn-around and the leaders came by. Well no wonder they passed me before - their arms in aero looked lilke they chiseled from marble. Very nice eye candy. And then, I got to wave to people and cheer for them. Way more fun than biking all by myself. I sang some "Ba-Wit-Da-Ba" and said "Whee" down some hills and then the bike was over.

The run started with the tummy issues but as soon as people started coming back at me, I was able to yell for them and it buoyed my mood. That and the knowledge that there were porto-potties available only about 600 stairs away. It's amazing how eliminating the danger of poison ivy on the bottom system will relax a person. So, I was able to avoid the potties and hold a pretty good run pace for the 10K. I'm really happy about that because my runs have been sucking lately.

So, next time. Hm. I don't know how to avoid the death spiral of negativity that happened to me on Saturday. Maybe I need to fuel better on race morning or wear my i-pod pre-race to "get in the zone." At least I'll be on guard for it next time.

Doug did awesome despite being "unmotivated" on the run and the bike. He still averaged over 20 mph so that is smoking fast. He beat me my 4 minutes!

In similar news, Sarah has a post up about what words you use to get through the hard times in a race. A lot of folks posted some really neat stuff. I, of course, do better with the bad words, angry metal or rap lyrics. Maybe it's a Napoleon complex or something.

Monday, June 16, 2008

West Point Lake Olympic Triathlon

Here is the link to my race report on BT. My goal was to finish in under 3 hours and I did it! Whoo!

Will update with report info later.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Might as Well Be Walking on the Sun

It's hot here folks. After my bike ride yesterday, I was pouring so much sweat that my eyes were filled and stung so badly that I couldn't see.

Today, the girls and I went to the mall. I loathe the mall, but it was a for a birthday party so off we went only a little late because I forgot to get the carseat out of Doug's car and had to stop to get it. Build-A-Bear is not a bad party, really, except that:
  1. I forgot the stroller and didn't have time to return home to get it once I remembered.
  2. Dagny wasn't invited to the party.
  3. None of the other moms shopped while the kids were in the party so we had to stay within earshot of the Build-A-Bear.
  4. Dagny likes to ride the escalator.
  5. Dagny thinks taking off to get on the escalator while Mommy sprints after her is a fun game.
  6. The mall is too much walking for Dagny so I had to carry her on my shoulders. A lot.
  7. The air conditioning in the food court was apparently broken.
  8. Annika took a miniature stuffed cat from the Build-A-Bear with her in the box with her party favor.
  9. Build-A-Bear doesn't explain to party guests what they get as part of the party so "mistakes" like this or wanting an outfit for the new doll are inevitable.
  10. Annika lost her marbles twice during the party, again when I told her we had to return the pilfered cat, and again while returning said cat.
  11. Dagny spilled her milk while we were taking a drink break on the way to the car - all over herself, the bench, the floor, and off the edge of the balcony to the floor below us.
  12. The car was blazing and we all almost exploded when we got in it.

It was a nice time to see Annika's school friends again, though, and I had a nice time talking to one of the other moms in between Dagny's escape attempts.

In other news, I finished watching "Little Miss Sunshine" this afternoon. Hilarious. I can't wait for Doug to watch so we can talk about it. This is a spoiler question, but did anyone think of "As I Lay Dying" when they were watching? Ripping off Faulkner for a road trip movie is not too shabby. And, the dance performance which does blatantly what beauty pageants do through gauze and flowers (and hairspray, apparently) is priceless. LOVE it.

In still other news, yesterday's bike was hill repeats in my neighborhood. It was actually pretty fun and I didn't suck nearly as much as I thought I would. I only averaged about 2 min slower than Doug which is HUUUUUGGGE for me.

And, it turns out that I have been swimming ridiculously more than necessary to prepare for my upcoming race. See, I did some conversion work and determined that approximately 1,800 yards = 1 mile. So, to practice for my 5K (3.1 mile) swim, I made 6,000 yards (3 miles) my long swim goal. It's a little long, but I had to account for that 0.1 mile and an open water swim is harder than the pool so I didn't think the extra few yards would hurt.

Fast forward to these past two weeks, when our pool switched the lanes to "long course" which means that they are now 50 meters long instead of 25 yards. Who cares, a meter is not much longer than a yard, right? I swam my usual 6,000 last week and this week - only, it was 6,000 meters instead of 6,000 yards. I was a lot slower, which irritated me because my workouts lately have all been very slow. Very frustrating.

So, I discussed this with Doug after I log my workout at BT and discover that 6,500 meters (I did the to 500 warm-up) is actually just over 7,100 yards. Oops. Then, I slowly came out of my elaborate conversion chart fog to realize that the 5K in my 5K swim means 5 thousand meters.

Duh. So, anything over that is purely overkill. Won't be swimming 6,000 meters any more.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

We Are the Champions

Here are the girls as we got ready for their first race at Team Ford of Alpharetta. It was sponsored by the dealership and Big Peach Running Company and The Bert Show on Q-100.

Then we stretched it out . . .

In addition to the race, there were jumpy castles, healthy food, drinks and face painting. I think the idea was for us to stay and play all day but that didn't work out for us because it was blazingly hot. It looks like The Bert Show is sponsoring a lot of these type of events with the local Ford dealerships - next one this weekend at Team Ford of Marietta.

Way to go, Bert Show.

We were late for the race (duh! what was I thinking?) and had to sprint across the parking lot (very big at a car dealership) and through the building to get to the start line. So the energy levels were not high and low fuel plus overheating = meltdown. Next time, we will get there early for a leisurely snack before the race.

This is the post-race jumpy castle. What more could a girl ask for? You can tell from here that Dagny isn't feeling like herself. No photo of Annika because she was pouting because of mom's "must wear socks in the castle" rule.

Immediately after the start, I started the video. I tried to get footage of both girls while they were running but Dagny ran approximately 25 yards and then walked before insisting that I carry her. She was OK on my shoulders so we caught up to Annika in time for the aid station. They had Fortis Water and Cliff Shots. Because fueling is very important in a 1/2 mile race, we stopped for both. The girls shared a chocolate Shot and each had their own cup of water. Annika took off again run/walking to the finish while I carried Dagny and the water.

Because we passed one family with several children (who may have stopped entirely) and everyone else was finished when we got there, Annika thinks we won. She rocks. Glass half-full, definitely.

Here are two really short videos from the race, in reverse-chronological order. In the first one, I'm trying to get video of Dagny running. In the second one, I tried to get both of them running while keeping up with them.

In other news, Dagny is still sick with the bottom flu so she hasn't been swimming yet but Annika is loving her "pre-team" and her clay camp.

And, look out world - next Thursday my office buddies and I are hitting the Leita trail at lunch for a run. We ran at the Oxbo trails yesterday and it was very nice. I'll be lucky not to have poison ivy but still, a run in the middle of the workday is still a found workout.

I'm still fatigued from the blood donation on Sunday so my workouts are sucking. This is disappointing because I always pooh-pooh those people who say that blood donation knocks them back. Hopefully, I'll be OK by Saturday for my long run.