Monday, August 29, 2005


After a disasterous outing with my mother in which Annika peed in her underpants while my mother yelled "SHAAAMMMME!!! SHAAAAAAMMMME!!!", we've had a good couple of days with the potty-training. The "potty in your diaper at the pool means it is time to go home" rule has worked very well and proven that Annika can use the potty and remember to tell us when she needs to go. Today she was very good about making pee pee in the potty all morning, but this afternoon she pooped in her underpants.

I was very understanding and calm and cleaned it up without a big production. We talked about paying attention to the poop and how to use the potty. I think this will help avoid the fear of underpants we've been experiencing in the past weeks. Am I right about this or am I just a sucker being manipulated by a smart 2-year old?

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