Sunday, April 29, 2007

We Are the Champions

That's right. The beer fridge is defrosted and clean. You may now feel safe consuming beer at my house unmolested by exploding coke cans, beers that overflow upon opening or sticky coke goo. I defrosted it on the deck with our bird friends - we thought they were swallows, but an internet search was inconclusive. I had to disinfect the whole fridge because those darn birds poop a LOT.

Dagny is feeling better this afternoon and proved (yet again) that she is more stubborn than I am. She would not drink any liquids from a sippy cup after 10am this morning. Why? Who knows. I think it was because her head hurt from being dehydrated. After an ill-fated attempt at siphoning by mouth, I finally put milk (I know it isn't a clear liquid but she refused all forms of liquid except milk) in a medicine cup and she drank that. We progressed to the Dora big-girl cup with about a millimeter of liquid at the time. Maybe she was just trying to tell me that she is too big for sippy cups. And, no barf for over 24 hours. Whew!

Annika and I ran 4 miles today in the flats during Dagny's nap. Annika was going to do more bike-riding after we finished, but the neighbor kids showed up so I was chopped liver after that. No matter, it gave me time to do the fridge.

Oh, and, did you know that some red food dye is made from bugs? Cochineal is made from little bugs that are hard to raise and live on cacti. I found this out because the Vegan Lunchbox (March 26 post) mentioned not being able to use red rice sheets because apparently, vegans can't eat cochineal. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I now know what that stuff is. I refrained from commenting that most grains contain some kind of bug larva which will hatch under favorable conditions (like your pantry). Better for the nice vegan lady not to know.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Let's Make the Most of this Beautiful Day

I had big plans of taking the photos off of our camera this weekend and defrosting the beer fridge. Yes, it is a frost-fridge because it was the cheapest one they had at Sears when Doug and I were first married. Now I'm thinking we should have paid the extra $30 and gotten a frost-free but at the time a beer fridge was quite the extravagance. Anyway, when there is too much frost, the freezer gets too warm (stuff melts or never freezes) and the fridge gets too cold (exploded Coke and beer). Whatever, I have no time for defrosting anyway. It will have to wait for another day.

Annika and I had a great time this afternoon during Dagny's nap. I ran the flats (back and forth in front of our house) while pushing Annika in the jogging stroller. Annika sipped her water and gave me commentary on the scenery and the neighbors. 35 lbs of kid is a LOT to push, but we had a nice time and I did 3 miles in 9 min/mile pace. I had planned for 4 miles, but Annika wanted to run with me, so we walked and then raced between mailboxes and storm drains. Then Annika rode her bike while I helped keep cars from running over her. We talked to some neighbors and enjoyed the lovely, breezy day and admired the big puffy clouds.

The original plan had been for my Mom to come over in the morning so that I could do my long run. Unfortunately, Dagny's poop issue from last evening turned into a throw-up issue during the night so I didn't want to subject Nana to that. We've been in barf recovery mode ever since (laundry, baths, attempts to hydrate). I'm very sorry to any Publix shoppers who we infected today. I thought Dagny was fine (no fever, no more barf since the wee hours) and Annika was getting stir crazy so we went to get Saltines and Pedialyte. Unfortunately, a bag boy came and took our cart while I was loading the kids before I had time to explain about the anti-bacterial wipes that I had just purchased so that I could disinfect the cart before returning it. Then, Dagny threw up again during her nap and is running a temperature. SIGH.

But, it was a beautiful day. We had a good time playing outside and eating breakfast for dinner (Fogle family secret tummy food is Cream of Wheat). Doug and friends are having a blast in Vegas - it is 96 degrees there!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Limiting Factors

Or, Hill Repeats - Day One

In the quest to be better/stronger/faster, I've decided to add hill repeats to my running repertoire. I had been doing the run-fast-up-the-hills, walk-fast-down-the-hills routine around my loop, but felt like I wasn't pushing myself hard enough.

So, this morning, I started by jogging around my 3 mile loop until I got to the Big Hill. Then, I sprinted up the hill, circled the manhole cover at my turn-off and walked back down to the bottom (not slow - 12:30 min/mile pace). I had planned to repeat this hill four times and then complete the loop because I estimated that the hill was 1/2 of a mile and thought that it would add a mile to my 3 mile loop.

Yes, math whiz, I'm not. It made sense to my not-quite-awake mind early this morning, though. Regardless, it turns out that either the hill is not that long or that I didn't start at the actual bottom and so I finished almost right at 4 miles as planned (including walking down the hill 3x). I had to stop after 3 repeats because my heart was trying to escape through my chest at the top of repeat number 3. The legs were rubbery but held out OK.

Until I encountered the knee troubles, I thought that cardio was my limiting factor in the pursuit of fitness. Then, it was my knees. I would have thought that the leg muscles would be the limiter on hill repeats. Glover talks about how your legs should be burning when you finish your hill repeats. But for me, it's the cardio again. Who knew?

And, Doug bought us new Garmins on e-Bay last week so I know that my heartrate reached 183 on my hill repeats today. I think 185 is supposed to be my max but this place says it is 187. Doug is the master of e-Bay. It will be interesting to see how/if the knowledge of my heartrate will help my training. As my Dad would say, "hide and watch!"

In other news, the girls and I went to dinner with my Dad tonight because Doug is in Las Vegas. We had a great time with Dad, but miss Doug already.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Two Easter Perils

Easter egg dye tablets look like candy, SweeTarts, in particular. We found this out the hard way last week while Doug was dyeing the Easter eggs for Annika to decorate. Annika saw the tablets on the counter and popped the yellow one into her mouth. We had no idea until she said, "this candy tastes bad!" A quick look at the ingredients revealed sugar and food coloring, so we didn't have to call poison control. We washed Annika's mouth out with water and wiped most of the coloring off of her tongue, but the good part was the quote of the day: "Mom, I'm not dyeing!" Get it? Dyeing, dying? It's funny now, but not so much then.

Easter is all about candy. My children ate the following on Easter day:

Breakfast: Twinkies and Froot Loops
Snack: Candy from Easter baskets at home
Brunch: Whatever they wanted from the buffet, including chicken fingers, blueberry muffins, bacon and Lindt eggs.
Lunch?: More Easter candy, plus some Cheerios as a nod to health.
Dinner: Grilled cheese sandwiches, pears, bread in the shape of a bunny, Cadbury Mini Eggs (not the creme ones) and brownies.

They appear fine and have not suffered the sugar overload I thought would have occurred. You will want to know, however, that Twinkies do not last forever if you remove them from the packaging. Sponge cake does not like to air-it-out. Oh, and, I'd forgotten but I LOVE Twinkies. They are actually not that bad for you - we read the nutrition information. Sponge cake is not as bad for you as regular cake. If you want vegan twinkies, though, look here.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Not Quite One, Not Really the Other

The part-time working is going fairly well. I feel like I have enough time with and for my kids and Doug (thanks in large part to Doug's willingness to come home early to relieve the sitter and do the bulk of the cooking) but also enough time to get my work done at the office or at home. The folks who have had their calls interrupted by my kids may not feel quite the same way, but at least I'm still working on their stuff in the midst of the chaos.

At Annika's school, there is a definite bias towards the moms who don't work outside the home. No one has made any overt comments to me, there is a chilliness towards those of us who aren't there every day and who can't drop everything at a moment's notice to help chaperone a field trip. Interestingly, more and more of the moms seem to be easing back into the workforce in some way . . . but that is another story. And don't get me started on the "party" businesses. Ragsland, schmagsland. I'm not buying it.

Anyway, at work I'm still not "part of the gang" yet. I keep reminding myself that this will come with time and that I should make a move by inviting some of them to eat lunch. It's depressing sometimes to face the microwaved lunch alone - even if it is spectacular leftovers from Doug's dinner.

So today, the girls and I dropped some travel books off at the office for one of my co-workers. She is interested in going to Prague and I forgot the books yesterday so I thought it would be nice if I brought them today (instead of waiting for my workday tomorrow) so that she would have an additional day for planning. That, and we were going to buy some play sandals at the shoe outlet near the office. I know that it's not terribly professional to bring the kids to the office - but I was just dropping the books off. As I handed them over to one co-worker, another came out into the hall and made a joke about lording my "non-working day over them." SIGH. Such a loaded comment for me. The person who made it has no idea - I don't think it was meant to be off-putting at all.

"Hm," I said, "you think so?" "How about if you watch the kids for an hour while I go buy myself some shoes?" Ha, Ha, Ha. We had a big laugh about that. Clearly there were no takers so the mobile disasters and I left the office and motored to the shoe outlet. After Dagny removed all of the crocs and flip-flops from the extensive color-coded display, I got some cute sandals for me (pink is not my color, though) and new crocs for Dagny. She and Doug lost one of her old ones while shopping on Sunday and I haven't been able to find it at any of their destinations. A pox on the person who found that lone shoe and chose not to turn it in to the store.

One guy who was giving me job advice before I took my job mentioned that his wife had similar issues with the part-time gig. It's not necessarily the best of both worlds, I don't think.