Saturday, April 28, 2007

Let's Make the Most of this Beautiful Day

I had big plans of taking the photos off of our camera this weekend and defrosting the beer fridge. Yes, it is a frost-fridge because it was the cheapest one they had at Sears when Doug and I were first married. Now I'm thinking we should have paid the extra $30 and gotten a frost-free but at the time a beer fridge was quite the extravagance. Anyway, when there is too much frost, the freezer gets too warm (stuff melts or never freezes) and the fridge gets too cold (exploded Coke and beer). Whatever, I have no time for defrosting anyway. It will have to wait for another day.

Annika and I had a great time this afternoon during Dagny's nap. I ran the flats (back and forth in front of our house) while pushing Annika in the jogging stroller. Annika sipped her water and gave me commentary on the scenery and the neighbors. 35 lbs of kid is a LOT to push, but we had a nice time and I did 3 miles in 9 min/mile pace. I had planned for 4 miles, but Annika wanted to run with me, so we walked and then raced between mailboxes and storm drains. Then Annika rode her bike while I helped keep cars from running over her. We talked to some neighbors and enjoyed the lovely, breezy day and admired the big puffy clouds.

The original plan had been for my Mom to come over in the morning so that I could do my long run. Unfortunately, Dagny's poop issue from last evening turned into a throw-up issue during the night so I didn't want to subject Nana to that. We've been in barf recovery mode ever since (laundry, baths, attempts to hydrate). I'm very sorry to any Publix shoppers who we infected today. I thought Dagny was fine (no fever, no more barf since the wee hours) and Annika was getting stir crazy so we went to get Saltines and Pedialyte. Unfortunately, a bag boy came and took our cart while I was loading the kids before I had time to explain about the anti-bacterial wipes that I had just purchased so that I could disinfect the cart before returning it. Then, Dagny threw up again during her nap and is running a temperature. SIGH.

But, it was a beautiful day. We had a good time playing outside and eating breakfast for dinner (Fogle family secret tummy food is Cream of Wheat). Doug and friends are having a blast in Vegas - it is 96 degrees there!


Nat said...

Which Publix did you go to yesterday??
It must be some sort of evil rule that a kid has to get sick while the husband is out of towm--happens to me everytime.
So sorry but it sounds like you made the best of a bad situation. Hope all stays well and you can still race next weekend.
If all is better you should come check out the bike race. Wes--Pookies boyfriend is racing at 2:30.

Steph Bachman said...

We would love to do the bike race, but don't think it is in the cards for today. Next year . . .