Friday, April 13, 2007

Two Easter Perils

Easter egg dye tablets look like candy, SweeTarts, in particular. We found this out the hard way last week while Doug was dyeing the Easter eggs for Annika to decorate. Annika saw the tablets on the counter and popped the yellow one into her mouth. We had no idea until she said, "this candy tastes bad!" A quick look at the ingredients revealed sugar and food coloring, so we didn't have to call poison control. We washed Annika's mouth out with water and wiped most of the coloring off of her tongue, but the good part was the quote of the day: "Mom, I'm not dyeing!" Get it? Dyeing, dying? It's funny now, but not so much then.

Easter is all about candy. My children ate the following on Easter day:

Breakfast: Twinkies and Froot Loops
Snack: Candy from Easter baskets at home
Brunch: Whatever they wanted from the buffet, including chicken fingers, blueberry muffins, bacon and Lindt eggs.
Lunch?: More Easter candy, plus some Cheerios as a nod to health.
Dinner: Grilled cheese sandwiches, pears, bread in the shape of a bunny, Cadbury Mini Eggs (not the creme ones) and brownies.

They appear fine and have not suffered the sugar overload I thought would have occurred. You will want to know, however, that Twinkies do not last forever if you remove them from the packaging. Sponge cake does not like to air-it-out. Oh, and, I'd forgotten but I LOVE Twinkies. They are actually not that bad for you - we read the nutrition information. Sponge cake is not as bad for you as regular cake. If you want vegan twinkies, though, look here.


Dorothy Gould said...

That is funny that Annika thought they were sweetarts, I often thought they looked like candy. Love the recap of Easter day's food intake, the menu over here was pretty much the same.

Wes said...

Easter candy is so hard on the kids diets. Candy for breakfast, candy for lunch, candy for dinner! LOL. That's really unfortunate she ate a dye tablet thinking it was candy, but I would have guessed they were harmless, even though your concerns and reaction were entirely justified.

Um, Vegan Twinkies? LOL. I may have to check those out!

Emily said...

so has Annika had yellow poop yet?

Steph Bachman said...

Frankly, I don't see the point of vegan twinkies. If you are going to eat twinkies, might as well eat the good ones.

The vegan lady has a cute blog, though, and makes all kinds of cool things for her kid's lunchbox.