Friday, September 29, 2006

Good Intentions

Today I was going to finally find the cord and upload photos to the computer and write a nice post. Unfortunately, I managed to fritter my time away with the following:

1. pushups/situps but no running
2. email checking and check writing
3. breakfast
4. shower and dressing
5. making breakfast for girls
6. taking out of garbage/recycling
7. diaper changing
8. bank depositing
9. grocery shopping
10. grocery putting away
11. emergency agreement for a guy at work
12. annoying emails from a jerk at work (not the same person)
13. making lunch
14. online billpay (which is not updated and better as promised by our bank)
15. eating lunch
16. cleaning up lunch
17. diaper changing and new outfit application
18. returning of bins to the garage
19. shopping errand for my folks
20. driveby of their house
21. visit with Doug before he golfs
22. putting Dagny down for her nap (this was the appointed time for photos or at least butt-sitting)
23. making cookies with Annika
24. making cool flan cake that Anna wrote about last week
25. freaking out when Annika touched her mouth to the raw whole eggs
26. further freaking out when Annika licked her lips during freakout #1
27. two phone calls with sister-in-law
28. clean-up after Annika peed in her pants
29. putting Annika down for her nap (no story)
30. kitchen cleaning from baking endeavors
31. sighing at the mess that I forgot was made in the office while I was doing #10

Guess I'll clean up that mess now and get some photos done later. The cooking extravaganza and inviting of sister-in-law's family for dinner is an example of what Doug calls my "putzing". I've noticed this tendency when I'm worring about getting something gone - I add other things to the list so as to make myself as upset and crazy as possible. Examples: cleaning out Annika's dresser and mailing snapfish photos (old ones) to friends while I tried to pack for the beach trip.

In running news, I visited the Orthopaedist yesterday. They x-rayed me and examined but concluded (as I already had) that my knee problems are due to the IT band. It's good that nothing is badly wrong, and they gave me exercises to do and a plan for still doing my race. Obviously, I won't be in top form, but it is better than quitting.


Dorothy Gould said...

How can a mother with little ones NOT be a putzer?? Sometimes I think my children's short attention spans rub off on when the kitchen still isn't cleaned up, just one of the many chores I plan on getting done during naptime, but something else comes up. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

PS. But I do look forward to seeing new photos, so get on with it already!! :)

Nat said...

Reminder: You are not putzing but multitasking!

Is this race the Disney half? Good for you for going to the dr and getting it dx'd. Hoepfully you are on the recovery road so you can get back out there.

And I'll be torturing myself this morning on a 25 miler and the first part I run through your hood. After the hills on this course I may be joining you on the recovery road-- of not waving at you from the sidelines.

Anna said...

Hi Steph!

Hey, putz or not, at least your cake worked out :) That's what I always say to myself when I putz...which is every single day.

Now I'm wondering how a key lime version would work out. That is, use raspberry pie filling in place of caramel, sub key lime juice for the milk and use lemon or yellow cake mix. I wish I had time to experiment this weekend! The other idea I had was only making one change -- subbing Irish Cream for the milk.

Is thinking about recipe changes another form of putzing?