Saturday, November 04, 2006

Plans, Interrupted

I had planned to run in a race this morning. Virginia and I agreed that we would run in the William's Run in Alpharetta today to try for Peachtree Road Race qualifying times. Unfortunately, my knee had other ideas.

Plan B: I was going to run in the 5K race and cheer Virginia on in the 10K. My mom was going to take care of the girls and maybe even watch the race. But, alas, my sitter for the evening's dinner club got invited to homecoming and had to bail on me.

Plan C: Mom was going to keep the girls for the dinner party, but didn't want them for the whole day. Fine, we emailed the race organizers to see if they needed some volunteers. If we couldn't run, at least we could be supportive. They didn't need volunteers so we were free to spectate. Talked several friends into running also so we had plenty to cheer for. Annika had a fever all day yesterday and it was cold as balls this morning. When I went to wake her she asked if she could please sleep longer. No race for us.

Camille ran her first 5K and came in second in her age group. Natalie won her age group. I'm certain that Virginia got her qualifying time. We baked pumpkins and made pumpkin pie. Annika has eaten nothing all day. I exploded condensed milk into my hair so I have to shower again before taking Annika to her friend's birthday party. That exploding milk (due entirely to my own stupidity in forcing the can open when it clearly didn't want to open) necessitated mopping the floor also, so a shower would really be a good thing.

The good news is that I have two very nice smelling pumpkin pies on my counter and there is still time for a shower after wrapping the birthday present. And, I ran 3 miles this morning without having to walk. That's 9 miles this week, which is nothing compared to my marathon-training friends but is a huge improvement over the crappy run/walking I've been doing. No wildlife this week except for some bunnies and the crazy newspaper guy who tried to run me over this morning.


Nat said...

Mmm, pie.
Thanks for the props.
I got a pr yesterday with 45 minutes and change. I am hoping though to get a sub 42 for a 10k so I can get subseeded for PTRR. So let's plan on Chatthooche challenge in Feb.
And VA did qualify. She looked very happy and way less whipped than I did. I am thinking it is that smart little haircut she has that keeps her fresh looking after a 10k.
Camille did amazing too. I am so proud of her.
At any rate it sounds like you definitely got a workout in yesterday. Hope Annika is feeling better and Dags or you doesn't catch it.

Camille said...

We missed you at the race Steph! Thanks for saying all the nice things, though. Can't wait til you are up and running again. Maybe you can inspire me to do the 10K. I gotta run more first, though. Hope your knee and the sickies are better soon.