Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just Can't Get Enough


Just can't get enought running.

So, you know how my foot is hurt and I'm still not running regularly yet?

I hit upon the great idea that I could run with Annika. She is learning to run and I can't go very far so we are equally matched. I told Doug about this idea over dinner and while we were discussing how we could do the 0.4 mile loop behind the house once or twice, Annika piped up.

"I need to run by myself Mommy."

"Why? Wouldn't it be fun to run together?"

"Yes, but I'm FAST, Mommy."


So, for the Thanksgiving marathon, Doug is doing the full marathon. I'm going to drive him to the start and then volunteer at a water stop. I'm at water stop #2 for the marathoners, at the Artlite Supply store. Then, once my time is over, I will hightail it to the finish line to watch the half-marathoners come in. I'll miss all but the over 2 hr, 30 min crowd, but will be there for all marathoners. Anyone who has a friend running or wants to volunteer, here is the link. You can pick your time commitment and location from the list and register all on the convenient form. And, there is really good schwag. I tried to get them to let me bring the kids but they said no - the race is too cold and too long for kids. Luckily, we have an excess of family in town who are more than happy to have the girls for a couple of hours.

And for the ING marathon, it looks like I'll be relegated to the half again this year. Doug thinks I have time to train for the full, but I just don't think it is possible with the current heel situation. Seriously, my long run is 1.5 miles right now. I don't want to jump into training to far too fast and risk being out for next season. Sigh.


Sarah said...

Oh cool! We're volunteering on Tuesday night at packet pickup, and then hubby is running the full as well. I'm signed up for the half, but my running is pitiful right now, so I may just not race and cheer for him instead.

Kevin said...

I am likely in the same boat for ING also. I really want to get a full marathon under my belt, but it looks like it will have to wait. Especially if I am going to do the RnR half

Trish Sharp said...

wow my long run is 1.5 miles too!!!!! hehehehehehe.
of course if i was to do 1.5 miles i think i might died after. but we did get up today and take the puppies for a long walk. cleveland is trying to learn to walk good on a leash. he seems to do better when we walk him right next to maisy. maybe i will get a little leash to hook them right next to each other and maisy can help keep cleveland in line.

kids say the funniest things. no filter. i love it.

Wes said...

I should volunteer rather than do some stupid ole 10K :-) I love that Anika. She is going to be SUCH a competitor!!

JoeVic said...

I'm pretty confident Annika is faster than me. :)

Tara said...

I will see you at the finish I'm sure! Thanks for the clothing advice on FB. Is your volunteer spot on the half track as well?