Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Facebook

Once upon a time, I used to mull my blog posts for days. During my runs, I would compose and re-write them in my head. Sometimes, I'd even write them up and then delete them because they were too whiney or too political or too drunk or too bossy.

Now, not so much.

When I have free time now (which is way less time that I used to have), I check my peeps on the Facebook. This morning, I looked at Jason's photos of his new baby, watched Yvonne's proposal video, and took a movie quiz. All good things, but I found myself wishing I'd heard Jason's story of the 24 hours his amazing wife spent in labor and seen the smile on Yvonne's face and how her eyes crinkle at the edges as she recounted the surprise video that her fiance sneaked into her "Triplets of Belleville" movie. I like the knowledge of the good stuff going on in everyone's lives - but it's a thin substitute for the real thing.

And, have you noticed that a lot of the bloggers don't blog anymore (me included)?

We are too busy listing our top 5 beers, taking 1980s movie quizes, doling out flair or plants or rising up the Wordchallenge ladder or poking each other.

I miss Colin's long discussions of his bike and his diatribes against George W. Bush's administration.

Do you remember when people used to write letters and send cards? Going out to the mailbox was a treat because there might be a surprise note lurking in there. I used to write letters by the dozens, at least one every few days. And, I wrote little notes to friends that I saw in the paper or met at a luncheon or business associates after a closing.

Not anymore. The mailbox has only ads and bills and the occasional note from my Grammy.

I think I'm finally old enough to miss the good 'ol days.

Excuse me while I get back to see who Brian's top 5 is.


jasonaut said...

[Thumb up] Jason likes this.

Nat said...


Wes said...

LOL @ jason... so true.

Kevin said...

yeah, I am the same way right now

JoeVic said...

Sounds so familiar.

But while I like FB for that 'instant' gratification it provides. I started lately finding I wasn't capturing what I initially set out to do on line.

I wanted to capture things for my girls, like diary and communicate things to friends and family.

So, I've started blogging a bit more now.

Long Live the Old Ways!!!

Join my cause anyone? :)

Colin said...
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Colin said...

W isn't around to bitch about any more (he sure did a good job of disappearing, didn't he?) And I don't ride enough any more to talk about it.