Tuesday, March 01, 2011

GU the Brew!


The new GU product has landed at last! GU Electrolyte Tablets!

The tablets are quarter-sized servings of electrolytes with little to no calories. They dissolve by fizzing into your water in about 2 minutes. You can either drop them into your water ahead of time and let them sit for a few minutes before applying the lid or leave the valve open on your bike or hand-bottle for a few minutes and the extra gas escapes by itself. The tablets are sweetened with stevia leaf extract (unlike the acesulfame potassium/aspartame found in some other tabs). The GU Brew tabs will be great to add to my hand-bottle in longer runs or races when I'm sweating like a fiend or to use on the bike when I don't need the calories of the regular GU Brew.

I got to try the Lemon-Lime flavor and it is very tasty. In the interest of full disclosure, I received a tube (size shown above) of the Lemon-Lime tablets to try for free. I have used it on several runs and enjoyed some while paying the bills after my long run on Saturday and could even imagine drinking it on a hot day at the beach. Just enough flavor and a hint of bubble.

I am very excited to try the Peach Tea flavor and will be ordering some for myself because the Peach Tea GU Chomps are my favorite flavor yet. They taste to me like peach Jolly Ranchers. I did not notice the tea flavor at all, but my riding buddies say that is very smooth and comes in at the end.
I have not tried the Orange flavor, but I like the Orange flavored GU Electrolyte Brew's light taste, so I think it will be OK.

Happy riding and running everyone!
Don't forget the Wiphan Warthog Waddle 5K this Saturday at the Fellowship Bible Church. In-store registration at Big Peach Running Company has closed, but you can still register on-site on race day. Doug is racing for time and I will be running with the "sag stroller" in case Dagny or Annika (or their friends) needs a little drink or ride during the race.

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