Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Agenda

No, not The Association.

The Agenda.

It turns out that I have one!

I had no idea.

Let me backtrack.  Last winter, when Doug and I took the girls to run in the Polar Bear Run, some ladies who did not recognize me as a runner remarked in my hearing that the winner of the race must have "an agenda" because she ran the race in capris and a jogbra.  Granted, it was cold that day, but WTH?  Who cares what she was wearing and how does the wearing of a jogbra turn into an agenda?

Anyway, this scene has replayed itself in my mind many times since that day.  I still can't figure out why those ladies thought the winner had an agenda.  And when I think about it, I say (in my head) "She must have an AGEEEENNNNDAAAAAA" in a very ridiculous voice.

Anyway, MY agenda appeared the other day when I was reading my blogs.  Yes, I keep a list of blogs in my Google Reader and new stuff just shows up when the writers post it.  Magic!  Anyway, I was reading along and it turns out that the writer of one blog that I have read since Annika was born (Dooce) has started running.  She wrote about some of her running and her first taste of GU.  And then, I had to reply.  You have to sign up for an account to post a comment and I never have because I never do anything that requires a sign-up.  Not even online shopping.  But I had to do it, because she was talking about RUNNING. 

So, I thought about it a lot that day and realized that I am like that kid in college.  You know, the one who would sit down next to you on the bench outside of the library in college and want to tell you about his best friend Jesus Christ.  If this never happened to you, you either did not go to college in the South or you were never alone in college because it happened to me a LOT.

Anyway, I am that guy!  I want to tell everyone about my best friend, running.  Running has helped me deal with stress (work, taking the bar exam, motherhood).  It has helped me avoid becoming the fat Steph from middle school.  It lets me get outside and see the town or just the neighborhood.  It helps me stop and smell the roses or taste the muscadines (just look at the vines in front of the VG Bistro!).  It helps me remember stuff that I have forgotten.  It helps me forget stuff that has irritated me.  It gives me the patience to do stuff that I don't like.  It lets me think through problems.  It lets me blow of some steam.  It lets me wave and smile at the cops and the neighbors and people I don't even know.  It helps me accept what my body is, but also tells me that I can do more than I thought I could.

Sure, I have bad runs or hard runs or runs where I have to go potty a zillion times or worse, when I can't find an open potty or where I chafe the skin off of my armpits, but every time I am always glad I went and I never return from a run wishing I had not gone.

In all honesty, Doug is my best friend, but running is right up there.  So, when I wave to you from my car or the sidewalk and am happy about my running, it is because running is my friend and I want to share it with you.

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