Wednesday, May 23, 2012


While I'm working on the Beast of the East post, here is something to think about.

Last weekend, Karen and I rode 85 miles on our bikes.  We did six loops of Mountain Park and some other stuff and were thoroughly tired by the end of the ride.  So tired, in fact, that the guy who stopped his car to yell encouragement to us and Karen's insistence that we only do a "half-goat" made perfect sense to us.  For those of you who were not depleted of glycogen, a half-goat is riding halfway down Natalie's parents' street where the goats live.  Of course, if you know Karen, you know that she and I are goal-oriented.  If we are close to finishing a certain number of miles or minutes or if we start down a road, we must finish.  So, the half-goat turned into the full-goat.  And then, when we wobbled into the driveway, we looked at our watches and wobbled right back out again to go back up the hill so that we could reach 85 miles and 6 hours.

Stupid?  Maybe.  What difference did the extra mile of the full goat or the extra three minutes to get to 6 hours make?  Physiologically, probably none  But we had an adventure!  How many 40-something-year-old women get to have adventures?

So, the following day ( Mother's Day) it rained all day so I was not able to get out in the morning for my long run.  Doug and I checked the radar obsessively and I sallied forth into the mist in the afternoon as soon as it looked relatively clear and after I put Dagny down for a rest.  Just past one mile from the house, the heavens opened and dumped on me.  I rationalized the rain with the fact that I was already going to be wet from sweating and kept going.  I was extra careful crossing the big road with the light so that I didn't risk falling in front of a car and mused about how the rain was an adventure.  And then the universe laughed at my big thoughts and I tripped on the sidewalk and fell.  Luckily, I remembered to roll, so it didn't hurt so badly.

But why not have adventures?  Why not run in the rain?  Why not ride bikes with friends?  Why not try tap dancing or Zumba or kickboxing?  Why not have adventures to anticipate or remember instead of marking time through the days?


Nat said...

Try it try it! and you may see that adventures on a bike, swimming in a lake or running in the rain that you might like!

Greg said...

Well Said!