Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Good Day Sunshine - 2012 Roswell GA 100 Miles to Nowhere Report Part 1


First, the was no sunshine at the start of this year's Roswell GA 100 Miles to Nowhere.
Photo by Doug
Second, I realized in the week before the ride that the Fat Cyclist's event (upon which our event is modeled and for which I register each year) is actually called the 100 Miles OF Nowhere.  100 MTN v. 100 MON.  Oops. 

Third, though I say it every time, I think that I overcommitted in the weeks before this event.  The Beast of the East was on May 20.  The following weekend was my sister's wedding.  And the next weekend, the Tri-the-Y kids triathlon in Athens on Saturday with 100 MTN on Sunday. Whew!  While I took the kids to Athens for the race, Doug smoked boston butts on the grill.  Each set of butts (they fit on the grill 2 at a time) took 12 hrs to cook, with checking and intervention every 2 hours.
Gratuitous photo of my kids in their new Dream Team outfits.  So proud!
This year, determined to streamline the process, I researched making screen-printed signs.  Pricey!  Instead, I used Word to make sheets of logos that I could print, copy, and paste onto foamcore sheets.  A new step was to have the helpful young man at Dick Blick Art Supply cut the foamcore for me.  It was WAY easier and more professional-looking than last year.  Dick Blick's fancy-bladed cutting machine is far superior to the dull x-acto knife I used.  My kids helped me make the signs after a last minute trip to Performance Bikes for chamois butter.  They also helped make drop boxes for donations and drawing tickets.  Who doesn't love arts and crafts?
My sister Emily and Ioannis (her new husband) stopped by on their way home from their honeymoon (Dagny calls it their moonbeam) and helped us finish the art projects and we started talking, so I was late getting out the door to put up the signs.   I forgot how to turn on the hazard lights in my car and reload staples into the staple-gun, but finally figured them both out and finished putting up the signs way after dark.
Sunday dawned cool and humid, but we got the tents up in good time.  I had a huge problem with the math for converting scoops of GU Electrolyte Brew to 1/4 cups to whole cups, but finally figured it out (with a little help from Doug) so that my GU Electrolyte brew tasted right.  Brew on the right, water on the left.
Below is a photo of me giving the pre-race instructions to the crew.  If you know me, you know that I am into rules and this race was no exception.  I laid it out very simply.  Take your bike bottle and sign the waiver.  Put your tickets in the drawing barrels.  Please donate to the AFLAC Childrens Cancer Center at CHOA.  No public urination, start out slowly, please stop at all stop-signs.  For the most part, folks complied with the rules and I definitely did not see any public urination.  : )

You can see Doug's chillinator in the background.  After last year's heat, Doug upgraded from the hose chair and built a bike-through shower to keep us cool.  He was not interested in anyone falling out in the driveway.  The chillinator was fabulous, especially in between the later laps when the day heated up.  We will have to think of a way to make a permanent outdoor shower at our house!  Because there was a cop following us on at least three of our ten loops, I think someone made a complaint about this.  The chillinator does look a bit like a gallows.
Photo by Doug.  From left to right:  me, Adam, Karen, Steve, Jay, Dave, Bryan, and Jason.
Tomorrow, Part 2 - The Ride.

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How cute your girls are!

You do an amazing job with this! Love the shower! Looking forward to part 2.