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Red Top Cadillac - Red Top Rumble Race report

Bear with me. . .

Throughout the Red Top Rumble 11.5 mile trail race  today, I kept singing the refrain from Pink Cadillac because that song was playing as we ran through the first aid station.  Bruce Springsteen does a masterful job with this song.

Pink Cadillac
crushed velvet seats
riding down the track
cru-u-u-sin' down the street
wa-a-avin' to the girls
fee-e-lin' outta sight
spendin' all my money on Saturday night

Anyway, today we joined 400 or so of our buddies for the 6th running of my favorite trail race this morning.  Here are Annika, Michelle, Dagny, John, Greg, Owen, Adam and Doug pre-race.  It was chilly for the start, but as the other racers filtered in, we found more and more buddies.

Thank you Jeffrey Galinas for following photos.  First, here is the former RD, Jaydene, finally getting to run this year!
And here, with Jeffrey (who I do not actually know) is new RD and fellow Brooks Fanatic Jim Bickelhaupt.  Jim did a fabulous job this year and we all had a great time!
Here are Team Bachman and Team Dasher (minus John because he took this photo) before the start.  John brought snacks and kept the kids safe while Doug, Michelle, and I ran.  He also took lots of great photos!

The official plan for today's run included some miles and half-miles in Z4.  After my first mile came in at 8:05 (a hair above Z4) and with the knowledge that the second half of the race was very hilly, I decided that I was going to ignore the plan and just run along.  This turned out to be delightful.  I ran with (behind) some guys whose shirts said "choice, not chance, determines your destiny", with my friend Eric, with my friend James, and with a very nice lady whose name I did not think to ask.  I missed running with Natalie, though, so we will have to run together another day.  I ate a Just Plain GU somewhere around the half-way point after I decided that I would feel awful at the finish if I did not eat something, even though my heartrate was likely too high to absorb the GU very well.  I slowed down a bit to help it along and it did help me feel better.  Mmm, just plain is so good.  All the while, Pink Cadillac kept repeating in my head.  It had a nice beat and although I did not do The Boss justice, I enjoyed singing along.  We jumped several logs in the first few miles and ran around the lake as the sun rose and the sun glinted off of the water.  We came upon the loudest and happiest course monitor ever (thanks again, Jeffrey Galinas, for the photo).  Jason was yelling and cow-belling to beat the band and he kept up a constant stream of encouragement.  It made me smile.  He was still doing it on the return trip and you could hear him a full quarter of a mile away!  Thanks Jason!
At mile 4.5, we arrived at the vistors center.  Yes!  This race runs right past a real bathroom with running water, soap, and paper towels.  : ) Perfect for me!

Then, the hills began in earnest and I chugged up them (small steps!) until I got dizzy and then power-walked the rest.  I airplaned around the curves on the downhills and generally had a fabulous time.  At some point, John and the kids were out to give us all high-fives!

You can see Dags greeting Doug.  Owen is the one in the teal hat.
 Here I am!  Annika's hand is in the blue glove.
 Here comes Michelle!
Owen in his angry birds hat/mask.
I picked up trash on the course, sang to myself, encouraged the folks around me, joked around, and generally had a good time for the rest of the race.  I won't tell a lie, though, those last 4 miles were pretty hard.  Possibly, 8:05 was a bit fast for the first two miles.  The only downer was that the guy in front of me fell down on one of the downhill curves in mile 8 or so.  He twisted his ankle and it hurt a lot.  He got back up, though, and finished the race, so that is good news.  Tough guy.

Here is Michelle at the finish.  Notice that we have matching vests.  : )   I was in charge of picking the color of her vest, so we are twinsies.
 After I finished, we got to see the kids come in from the kids' race.  Each kid got a wooden medal and a bag-ful of goodies.  They LOVED it. 

After Owen beat Annika last year, she was out for blood.  She gave it all she had to keep in front this time.  Owen does not appear quite as tired, so he might have taken one for the team.
 Dagny came in on her own (quite the ham, this one) looking strong.
I made Doug take my photo before I changed into dry clothes.

In addition to GU, Montrail, and a bunch of other sponsors, the race was sponsored by the Great American Cookie Company, who gave out free cookies from their truck and made everyone's day.  Who doesn't want delicious fresh-baked cookies after a race!  And, a giant cookie running around - how cool is that?
The post-race spread was awesome, as usual:  hot chocolate, chobani yogurt, the cookies, turkey, pork, and tofu BBQ, potato salad, cole slaw, and fixins.  Dagny wanted only cole slaw.  Ha!

We stuck around until the finish and had a lovely time.  I even won a door prize from Village Naturals!  A basket of bath salts and body wash that I got to share with my buddies!  All in all, it was a fabulous day.  I love this race.  Thanks Jim for the great event!

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