Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Orchids Eat Proscuitto

My sister calls Annika "the orchid" because she seems to exist on air alone. The child doesn't eat. We beg, we plead, we cajole - nothing. I threw out the entire lunch (hummus, cheese and apple slices) that I packed for her yesterday, she ate none of dinner (delicious pork chops from Rachael Ray cookbook and brussel sprouts) last night and she admitted to eating one bite of the granola bar and yogurt that I sent for lunch today.

However, Doug is making pizza a la Romana for dinner tonight. He went to Trader Joe's (which has recently opened near us) and bought some lovely proscuitto and mozzarella. He was slicing it up in preparation for dinner and brought some down for us to taste. I was doing some work in the basement and Annika was watching Sesame Street. Anyway, she brought me a bite (as instructed by her dad) and proceeded to eat THE WHOLE PLATE of meat and cheese. Then, she joined Doug upstairs for more. Who knew the proscuitto would be so popular?

Dagny ate the heck out of the pork chop AND brussel sprouts. She will eat anything and whenever she puts anything in her mouth, she says "umm". Clearly this child takes after me.

In other news, back on the running train after a week off. I ran 2 miles in front of our house (painfully boring) and walked another one because my knee was giving me twinges. The stupid exercises that I'm doing to strengthen my muscles and limber my IT band came in very handy in Italy, though, because most of the potties were the "sit without touching" variety and I was able to hover with ease.


Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, I am very impressed with Dagny and the pork chop and brussel sprouts. I can empathize with you regarding the orchid. Sophie was a great eater until she turned 18 ms., then got picky. She will eat well now, as long as it is something she likes. I applaud you for sticking to your guns and continuing to give her "real people" food. Most times I cave and make her an egg, or pb&j. Gotta get better about that, you inspired me! Our Trader Joe's is opening in late November, can't wait!

Nat said...

I am totally on Annika's side regarding the brussel sprouts-- blech! Isn't proscuitto just fancy bacon? Who doesn't love bacon? Maybe you should pack her some PLT sandwiches for lunch. Some people are carinvores.

At any rate every bit of food that has ever gone into Carmella's mouth has done so under extememe negotiation--2 bites of this, 3 of that and then I can be done, right mom? Drives me crazy. Beau, he use to be a great eater but well, now the kid wants peanutbutter sandwiches twice a day. At least he eats though. My kids are getting competive with each so I use this to have a contest who can finish and eat the most of their dinner. It is somewhat motivating.

Kudos on the run! Are you still one tap for Disney? Want to join my sister and I on Thanksgiving for the half? I am sure to be crippled since it is only 12 days after OBX.