Friday, December 01, 2006

If I Didn't Know Better

One Christmas (8th grade), I received a giant hershey kiss from a female relative - with a card that said "your first?"

Then, last week at Thanksgiving dinner, after I explained why I put Uncrustables sandwiches in Annika's lunch box (so she will eat something, anything, at lunch), the same relative said "you lose your mommy card for that!"

Then, today I got an email from the same woman which said you are invited to XX event at XX location on XX date, "around 6 or whenever it is good for babies. Or, if too hard, how about a sitter?"

So, I know that I was hypersensitive in middle school, that being my fat period, the time of hormones and the fact that I had indeed never kissed anyone. Bless her heart, she meant it as a joke. You can even hear the "hee-hee" after the quotation marks. Heck, the card probably even SAID "hee-hee." You'd think that with teenagers of her own and having been a pubescent girl at one point, she might have been sensitive to these issues, but no.

The Thanksgiving thing was also a joke - "oh ho - you lose your mommy card for THAT! ha ha ha!" She has no way of knowing about the First Meals book or the time I spent making baby food and ensuring that no sugar or other junk entered Annika's body. Or the fact that Doug and I now silently and covertly rejoice together if Annika puts a single bite of anything in her mouth.

And the latest, though not a joke, is an attempt to be accomodating after ignoring my sister's polite request for a child-friendly time. She is probably just trying to make sure that the time works for the folks who work in offices - with no idea that it's usually the kids that are the bigger lure, not the dinner.

Anyway, the nutshell is - please, please promise that you will all ridicule me when I start to say stuff like this. Or at least pull me aside for a private discussion on thinking before speaking.


Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, It never ceases to amaze me the things that come out of people's mouths. And this is a relative, no less! I don't think you have to worry about being even a fraction like her. And I do admire you for giving her the benefit of the doubt.

ps. Trust me, you haven't lost your "mommy card"...when it comes to what they will eat, I am right there with you.

Anonymous said...

Um, I am sure she is well-meaning, but honestly, she doesn't sound very smart. You are nothing like that - you are smart and thoughtful. Always.

Nat said...

I'm sorry, huh? You have a relative that is consistently this insensitive across the board?

Wow! You are not only an awesome mom but an even better human being for being so patient with this relative.

I think you are super mom and person! And I can tell you for certain that it doesn't matter if you cut the crusts off or not. I've tried both. I either get nothing back or sandwiches with just crusts. Who cares? It isn't like this is the depression and our kids need to be desperate enough to eat the crusts. Save your crusts and makes some freakin crutons--kids always eat those.
Love You!

Colin said...

Seeing as I never had a hard time ridiculing you no matter what was coming out of your mouth, I promise to keep it up.