Sunday, December 17, 2006


I finally made the Outrageous Peanut Butter Cookies that Anna wrote about last week. One of the cookies broke as I was transferring them from the cookie sheet to the cooling rack, so I had to taste-test. "Hm," I thought, "tasty, but a little buttery." I wondered if the peanut butter added extra fat so that it overwhelmed the flour. Maybe I needed more flour. I consulted the recipe for further muddling. All of a sudden I noticed that it called for 1/2 cup of butter. For those of you who are not baking fools this week, that means one stick of butter. I used two. Oops.

They are still good, just a bit pecan-sandieish in texture. Good thing I have extra chocolate chip cookies from the garbage guys' batch, which (by the way) start with two sticks of butter.

It would be silly if I hadn't done this to the sugar cookies just last week.

In other news, I ran six miles yesterday. It's a new world record. Not really, but it is the farthest I've gone since August. No knee pain at all, except for where I strapped my knee brace too tightly and hurt the back of my knee, which I didn't notice until I removed the brace upon finishing. I did learn that the whole wheat pancakes and grapefruit were not bad pre-run food, but maybe less of them would prevent them from threatening to reappear. The run certainly helped my endorphin shortage. I was beginning to feel a lot like the grinch with my soul being "an appalling dungheap. . . ."


Nat said...

This is why I do not like to bake. You really have to read the directions carefully. Baking is a test in how well you pay attention to the details and I tend not to excel at that task.

But wow, great news on the mileage!!! How are you feeling about Disney? You would do well to try and do an 8 or 9 next week and then taper/recover til the race. At any rate I definitely think you will finish and do fine. Give yourself permission for walk breaks. It makes it mentally easier and will enable you to finish strong. Don't push yourself too hard. Plan on being big at the ING.

Camille said...

Awesome! 6 I'm still stuck at 4 miles, mainly due to time constraints and traveling husband. I'm thinking joining the gym is my answer, but it's not in the budget yet. Congrats!