Friday, October 03, 2008

Hello Pool My Old Friend

Apropos of nothing, my foot hurt when I got up in the middle of the night to use the potty last night. This morning, it hurt to walk.

Not right, I say. I SWAM yesterday. No bike. No run. We did take a walk after dinner but it was slow because Dagny likes to dawdle and spit at the fish when we cross the creek.

"Maybe it will ease up and I can do my long run today," I thought. Doug and I dropped Dagny at school and Doug took off for his run. Alas, I made it as far as the bathrooms at the park before the pain got too much for me. It was not easing up, but increasing. I drove until I found Doug and handed off the i-pod and went home to ride my bike.

That didn't hurt as bad, but my foot still throbbed after I showered to get ready for surprise lunch with Annika at her school. As I was dressing, the phone rang. It was the school nurse. Annika had cut her ear and they wanted me to come and look at it. Surprise foiled.

And now, I'm icing. Ibuprophen is on the way. The internet may tell me what the problem is but I'm afraid to look. Afraid that I'll be stuck in the pool all winter. Again.

On a happier note, here are some more photos that my friend Rivi took of the race last weekend. First, I'm starting the run looking strong.
Our tri-club has their priorities in the right place. They wrote notes to every member on the run course. This one says "run like there is free beer". : ) Mmmm, beer.
Put your shirt down, woman! Yes, I'm dumping water on my head. It was hot and the sweating wasn't working enough. And the shirt, thin though it may be, was hurting my stomach. Same with the shorts - that is why they are rolled down. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
This is my good side. : ) Rivi ran up next to me to take my photo. He rocks.


Wes said...

Dagny spitting at the fish just cracked me up :-)

Nat said...

I guess my foot problem is contagious. At least you got through the race first.:) You did say you planned on leaving it all out there.

Sometimes these things pop up and you just have to find ways to work through them.
I always try to run and if I can't I do something else or walk. But icing, massage, elevating, motrin to treat the inflation (NOT DURING the run though, you do not take drugs to dull the pain so you can run-THAT, leads to serious injury.) and just baby it.
Usually these things resolve themselves with a little maintainence.

Nat said...

I just wanted to say you always look so cute in race pictures. You always have that big smile. :)

Kevin said...

Great race pics. We do have the greates tri club dont we? It was great to see all those things written on the road

Trish Sharp said...

all you wonderful healthy runners. i'm jealous. congrats to you all.

Trish Sharp said...

i was trying very hard to dominate cleveland. but it was just me holding him the second time. during the blood draw there was two of us holding him and one getting the blood. they left and it was just me and the dr. we had to back him in the corner, i had him in a head lock with my legs trying to hold his head still. thats when the pain and terror started. he got the back of my legs with his front paws. but he still loves me and i have forgiven him. next time daddy gets to come. :) till them we will be working on our restraining training at home, along with over all good manners.

kindzia said...

Hey Steph, Great job on the S. Carolina 1/2. Keep up the good work!

Tri-ing with Twins said...

Wow Steph! What a great race! I can't wait until I'm up in the ranks with you. If I'm lucky, maybe that will happen in my lifetime, haha!

You look hot in your Zoot suit, too. :) (Not hitting on you, I'm just saying)

Raina :)

Charlie said...

Great pictures!

Congrats again on a great HIM!