Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring

I wrote a very long and thoughtful post on the political situation and political philosophy (believe it or not). I spent a long time revising and rewriting so as not to alienate anyone.

Then, I had a work phone call and the next time I looked up, I had missed the bus.


So, if your kindergarten or first grader comes home on the bus and you aren't outside - they don't get off the bus. Yes, gone are the days where kids let themselves into the house.

Panic ensued.

I called the neighbors and hoped against hope that the bus was late. As I stood in the driveway in the rain with the cell and regular phones and the directory in my hands trying to figure out what to do, the bus came back.

Our driver has a "layover" before his next route so he goes back by to catch any kids whose parents are late. Bless him. He will be getting some cookies for Bus Driver Appreciation Day. Annika was unfazed.

I took that as a sign that my post was doomed.

Go out to the internet and read what you can. Read Atlas Shrugged and think how many more burdens the workers in this country can bear before they just give up.

In other news, in all of the limping on the bad heel, I've injured the forefoot. There will be no running this weekend. Maybe not even next week. The endorphins are not flowing.


Kevin said...

Atlas shrugged is my absolute favorite book of all time (next to the bible of course). I have been thinking alot lately about how much of that is coming true. It really is scary

Dorothy Gould said...

There's nothing like the panic of missing the bus.

Sorry about the foot, that really does stink. Hope it heals fast!

JoeVic said...

Today at the bus stop I noticed my neighbor was missing. It was pouring the rain and her boys are only 2nd and 3rd graders so I picked up her two boys, thier friend and my two girls. I drove the boys home and as I pulled into the drive way the mother came running out of the house. Thankful that I'd gotten her kids cause it's at least a 1/4 mile from bus stop to our houses.

What was odd though is she ran up to me, hugged me and kissed me. Very, very unlike this woman. I'm not gonna complain mind you, but it just struck me as odd.

I've also written several posts on the politics of today only to shelve them cause I don't want to alienate anyone. Everyone is entitled to thier opinions and I have friends both Republican and Democrat alike. I spent almost 10 years in the military defending everyones right to an opinion. All I will say, is if this election turns out the way I think it will. God help us.

Nat said...

Oh dear Steph. I can only imagine your panic at missing the bus. Glad it turned out fine!

I am sorry about the foot. Year of the bike and swim indeed. My suggestion is once it heals to just train for a marathon but not sign up until a month out. That way no wasted $$.

As far as politics? Ugh. It is just getting harder.

Wes said...

I would totally panic if I missed the bus. I'm SO OCD about being on time. It's not even funny.

The American workers will never get up. We might kick some peeps out of the government in some not so legal ways, but giving up just isn't something we do.

Trish Sharp said...

man it stinks when your feet hurt.

i don't have kids, but one night maisy went missing for about 15 minutes. worst 15 minutes in my life. i thought that was it, we would never see her again. i was hysterical. ray, as mad as he was at me because i left the gate open, was calm enough to grab her favorite squeaky toy to lure her home. out of the darkness she came, running home, not a care in the world, so proud of her little adventure.

now that i look back it was a fairly comical event. espically the park where ray was, literally, jumping up and down in the in drive way screaming "what were you thinking? what is in your head? WHAT...IS....IN.....YOUR....HEAD!"

could you image us with kids!!??!!