Saturday, May 02, 2009

Easter Photos

In lieu of an actual post, here are some photos from the Heslin's Easter Party.

The hunting begins. . .

And by "hunting," I mean "picking up."

Dagny approves of the candy. Notice that she is dressed as Cinderella. Nothing would do but to wear a pretty dress for the party. And Cinderella is the prettiest of them all when you are three.

Annika begins to enjoy the loot. She did her own hair after a nice trip from Grammy for a trim.

Dagny drives Wyatt's car.

This photo isn't from Easter, but is from Annika's school field trip to the farm on Wednesday.
Price of field trip - $17
Price of pants that might be ruined from mud- $8
Photo that Aunt Katie sent with her phone while I was in an interminable meeting - Priceless

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