Monday, September 19, 2011

Try New Things - Class #2 - Strictly Strength

Today's class was Strictly Strength with Wendy.  I have never done a strength class, so I had no idea what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.

I have not yet regained a full range of motion after Saturday's Strike! beat-down, but I gave Strictly Strength a try anyway.  To prepare, you set-up a step like in step class, lay out a mat, gather two sets of hand-weights (heavy and light) and a weight bar.  I picked the lightest weights possible (green 1lb and blue 2 or 4lb hand weights and my pal the 6lb pink bar) and set-up my area just like my friend Carolyn did.  Carolyn picked WAY heavier weights than I did.  My ego wanted to get bigger weights (some of the other class members had 9lb weights and a 15lb bar!), but I knew it was better to start low than have to swap out in the middle or drop the weights entirely.

We did a little warm-up, then two rounds of shoulders, chest, lunges, squats, calves, biceps, and triceps.  Last, we did glutes, abs, core and back.  I missed the last bit of this and the stretching because it was 6:15 and I had to leave, which is too bad because I am really good at the core.  However, I was able to do the whole workout, except for a few reps of the lunges and squats when my glutes and quads burst into flames.  Apparently, the exercises that you do in each workout change every time because Wendy mentioned that there would be no pushups today.  The music was good and my only criticism was that I had a hard time following the number of reps.  I think I will get better at this with some practice.

I would definitely do this class again, but I think I might run a few miles first to warm-up and after to cool-down because (a) I am addicted to cardio and (b) I am not young or flexible enough to jump right into the warm-up.

As of today, I hereby change the rating scale to thumbs-up v. thumbs-down instead of N out of 10 because the numbers are very likely to be very Steph-o-centric.  The overall quality of a class should not be evaluated on my foibles.  Other folks may just not like to punch or value the sweating as much as I do.  : )

So, Strictly Strength gets a thumbs-up!

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