Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Reading Material and Gearing Up

So, I finished reading the Triathlon Training in 4 Hours a Week book. The 4 hours a week thing is a bit of a lie, if your goal is more than just finishing, but still it was very good. Packed with inspiring stories. Wes recommended it and I can second his recommendation. Doug poo-poohed the idea of a book for sprint training, but I was glad to have some of the mysteries solved for me.

All that remains is to (1) sign up for a race, (2) pick up my bike from the bike store so that I can ride it, and (3) start some swimming. The bike store guy and I decided to tune up the bike, put on some toe clips and a new seat but that it is not worth putting slicks on my bike for a sprint race. It would cost $60 per tire and the whole bike is probably not worth that much at this point. Regardless, it was really fun to ride again (it's been 10 years). I'm going to look at the knobby tires as the biking equivalent of a drag suit. Then, if I do OK at this first race and decide to continue, we can evaluate a new (to me) bike.

The girls are LOVING the beach. Dagny is so tired that she is napping before lunctime and Annika is chilling in front of "The Little Mermaid." We will be back outside for more fun in the sun after lunch.


Colin said...

Steph, I've been riding bikes since '76 and working with bikes since '95. I have no idea what kind of tires your bike shop wanted to put on, but $60 per tire is simply outrageous. And I'm not exaggerating when I say outrageous. You should be able to get some decent slicks for a mountain bike for $19-22 per tire, and please believe me that it makes a HUMONGOUS difference when you are riding a triathlon distance on your bike. You will not regret spending the $40 on a pair of slicks.
For instance, check out the Wilderness Trail Bikes Slickasauras Tire at REI. Here's the link:

Colin said...

If you live anywhere near the REI at Perimeter Mall, a friend of mine named Erik Petersen runs the bike repair shop there. Call the store (770-901-9200) and see if he's in, take your bike in and he'll take care of you.

Wes said...

Dee Dee is doing the 4 hours a week program too. Some of us just need a plan to work against. I am one of those. It's not just the training either, the book helps a lot with expectations and preparedness.

By all means, go cheap your first triathlon! You need to see if you like it before investing heavily.

Steph Bachman said...

Thanks for the bike advice, Colin. Maybe he meant $60 total? I don't know - I wasn't putting on the dumb blonde persona when I was in the bike store. I really am that dumb about bikes. I'm thinking that for this one race, though, the knobbies will be fine.

Then, if I decide to continue with the biking, I'll upgrade to a more tri-friendly bike or at least some slicks. It is likely that this bike will go to Denver with Emily in the fall anyway.

We are also going to see if Doug's road bike can be adjusted to fit me too (unlikely to be so easy as it has no quick release on the seat).

Wes, I'm slogging through the swimming book now - jealous that Doug and Annika are in the pool and I'm up here with sleeping Dagny.

Dogwood Girl said...

Steph, I think you will be fine whatever you do with the tires, but i also agree that the price quote seemed expensive.

Can i borrow the book if you are not reselling or returning to library? Would like to read up a little.

I also haven't gotten bike fixed yet. Although it is ridable.

Wes, I am like you - I need guidelines of some sort for every day, or i will slack off and be unsure of myself.