Saturday, May 05, 2007

Can't Run at This Pace Very Long

The girls spent the night with my parents last night so Doug and I went on a date. Yes, a real meal with no highchairs, bibs or sippy cups. We had a great meal with some terrific wine. I highly recommend this restaurant. We went to the Buckhead location (next to Nava) but they also have one at Perimeter. Then, we met some friends for drinks. Doug was watching out for me since I was nervous about my race and got me tonic water with lime, my favorite masquerade cocktail. I was also trying to hydrate because I might have the tummy bug that Dagny had last weekend and that poor Annika is still fighting.

Anyway, the hydrating was also because Nat talked me into running a race this morning. That's right - the Big Peach 5K in Brookhaven. It was, as advertised, a beautiful green course through east Brookhaven. I had a great time - met two nice ladies (in line for the potties and for the start) and was home before they gave out any awards. I can't find the race results online, if they will even be posted, but here are my stats:

22:44 gun time
22:25 Garmin time

The McMillan race calculator predicted I would finish at 24:01 so I was aiming for anything under 24. A girl has gotta hope! I seeded myself badly and dodged folks for the first mile - but my first mile split was 6:54.

That's right, 6:54. Holy shit! A new world record. The rest of the race was a slog but I'm very happy with my time (avg 7:12 min/mile). Those hill repeats suck, but are clearly working. And the best part - no knee braces. NAKED KNEES! Yes, one of my high school sweethearts once told me that I had ugly knees, but they are so beautiful with no neoprene.

In other news, our friends Jerry and Wes (and Sarah, who I follow on the internet) ran their first triathalons this morning at Lake Lanier. Jerry and Wes finished within minutes of each other. Sarah hasn't posted yet, but I'm sure she did great too. Way to go triatheletes! And, my friend Kelly is running her first half marathon in Vancouver this weekend - Go Kelly!


Nat said...

Steph! So impressed with your time. After we got off the phone this morning I ran on the treadmill an identical time for a 5K. Then pushed it another mile to finish in 29:20 for 4 miles. Wasn't planning any sort of hard run today at all but you inpsired me to push it.I bet we could have finished together today. Someday, somehow I will run a race with you. Seems like we are always missing each because of something or another.

Gotta say I am totally bummed about missing the race but such is the life of a mommy. Sigh.

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Congratulations on such a great time. Tell Doug you need to have a fun date night before every race, it seems to help!

Steph Bachman said...

Next year we can run Big Peach together. Or I can chase you, HA!

Dor, I think a fun date night helps just about everything. : )

Wes said...

Holy Moly! Steph! You are a fast one!! Very nicely done. Thanks for the shout out! I was at Nava's Saturday night using a gift card from Christmas for some fine dining! What a coinky dink! We crossed the street afterwards at some dump to listen to a live band for a while. I almost got into it with a 6.5 foot neanderthal that was pawing my wife, but Dee Dee went ahead and kicked his butt :-)