Saturday, September 20, 2008


Doug and Annika are going to Cartersville this morning to ride in the Beautiful Back Roads Century. Doug loaded up the car last night while Annika and I washed a selection of sunglasses. Then, Doug and Annika filled their bottles and rustled up their gear this morning. Annika was briefly offended that she had to put a sweatshirt on over her Team Bachman jersey but was mollified with the idea that she could remove the sweatshirt before the ride actually started. Hopefully Doug thinks about putting the jersey on the outside of the sweatshirt if it's still too cold at the start.

As they walking out the door, Annika told Doug to make sure that he had her pink sunglasses.

Because those make her look like a movie star.

She is the cutest thing. Very excited to be going on a bike ride with Dad.

So, watch out for my superstar on her hook-up-bike behind Doug - wearing my new helmet and her movie star sunglasses.

In other news, Dagny and I are going to a jumping party this morning if her tummy is better. She had some kind of upset yesterday (my laundry area is still a biohazard zone) but I hope it has passed.


Tara said...

That is the cutest thing! Riding with Daddy! I hope he took pictures.

Trish Sharp said...

ok, here's a stupid question. bike bike or motorbike?