Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lemonade, That Cool Refreshing Drink

Today I went for my x-rays with my cousin, Evander. He is an orthpaedic surgeon at Resurgens. We think that I have a stress fracture in my heel, which is not visible on the x-rays. This is what we thought before the x-rays but at least we were able to tell that there is nothing badly wrong with me. So, while we might know more about the stress fracture, if there is one, from an MRI - the recovery would be the same so I don't think we are going to bother with it. The plan is just more of the not-running. SIGH.

I did get some very comfy heel cups to wear in my regular shoes and a prescription for anti-inflammatories that I will likely not use. Ander said I might want it if the pain flares up. Also, I'm to do more stretching of the heel cords (those things that go up the back of the foot from the heel to the calf) and the hamstrings. I already do the heel stretches after every run because they feel really good but the hammies have been neglected. So, the new plan is to rest for a while (that means swimming, biking and core work only) and then start back again REALLY SLOWLY. Like only a half mile at the time.

So, I was on the phone with my sister later on and she mentioned wanted to get back on the exercise train.


I can't run at all. Jen has not run since college. PERFECT!

So, I'm working on a 3 day per week couch-to-5K plan for us, borrowing liberally from the plans I found on BT and that I know from the Cool Running site. The only question is whether to start out on a run/walk plan or to run the planned minutes all in a row. Hmm. I'll have to ask Jen's preference, but I'm leaning towards the all-in-a-row. Then I need to identify a goal race for us. Something in February. . .

Yay! All of this running talk is making me feel better already.

Anyone else want to join us? Trish? Robin? Katie? Emily? The only apparent requirement is the ability to walk for 30 minutes in a row three times per week. Then, we begin to mix the running minutes into our 30 minutes of walking. I'll track our progress with a chart that I can upload to the blog on a weekly basis. : ) Fun!


Trish Sharp said...

maybe is i have to answer to someone else other than mytself, i actually get off my butt.
tell me when and how much. you can be my internet running couch, and i'll get to baking up a storm.
i made a brioche loaf yesterday that was ab fab!!!!! will post about it on my blog soon. it really is a must make.

did you say you would track our progress.
will start anytime.
let me know what i need to do.
super fun!!!!

Karen said...

Hey Stef - I may have a friend in Atlanta who may be interested!! She's about to start running in the New Year... will let you know!

Glad the heel isn't too serious and good to see you're being sensible!

The O'Neill's said...

You are so funny! I am sorry to hear about your heel issues. is aging at it's best. That is why I am walking the 13.1 for St. Jude.

Say a prayer for us! We leave tomorrow.

Keep an eye on Brian (Hazel) he will have his hands full! How was the Thanksgiving race and water stand?

Kevin said...

Sorry to hear about your stress fracture. I ran for the first time tonight and it was tough. I was doing a run/wak because I was completely out of breath. It is amazing how much you can lose in 2 months being completely off

Elena said...

Time to start the build towards ING 1/2 after doing nothing for ummmm... a long time. Count me in, but can you BT me the schedule? There are only so many sites I can visit in a day!!