Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Man with the Plan

Ta Daaaa! Here is the 5K plan. I figured that no one would want to start their plan before Christmas. So, our running weeks start the week after Christmas. If you are a type "A," get started now by walking for 30 minutes three times a week:

Our illustrious runners so far are:
  • Elena "the Boss" from my triathlon club. Elena has been sidelined with injury this year so she is in the same boat as I am and is just starting back running.
  • Jen "Doc" Williams. Jen is my younger and cuter sister, who has not run since college. She is ready to get back moving this year.
  • Joe "Sailor" Elswick. Joe is my internet friend whose plans to run the Currahee Challenge were thwarted by skin cancer earlier this year. He is healed up and ready to go.
  • Steph B. This is me. My December marathon plans were foiled by a calcaneal stress fracture. Boo. I'm fighting to get back on the wagon, into my pants and away from the crazy.
  • Steph "Sky" F. My best buddy from law school. Steph has been running off and on for several years now, but now she would like the accountability of a plan.
  • Trish "Organic Fool" Sharp. Trish has been a regular walker/sometime runner for a while but is ready to make the jump to running.
I borrowed liberally from the Beginner Triathlete couch-to-5K program and the Cool Running program of the same name to make this plan. Thank you, Beginner Triathlete and Cool Running.

And, because I'm a rules girl, here are the rules:
  1. We will do our walking (and gradually our running) three times per week. They do not have to be the same days every week.
  2. We are committing to thirty minutes of run/walking on these days.
  3. It's best to spread your running days out throughout the week, but it's not the end of the world if you do two days in a row. Pick whatever days work best with your schedule.
  4. It is up to you whether you want to do your running minutes all-in-a-row or spread them out throughout the thirty minutes. Either way, we will all come to the same place at the end, which is a conversion of the whole thirty minute block from walking to running. Because I'm too lazy to divide up the thirty minutes, I'll be doing my running all-in-a-row after a short warm-up.
  5. I suggest warming up by walking for five to ten minutes before starting your run minutes each day. As we get to weeks 14-15, that might mean five extra minutes of walking for the warm-up.
  6. Start slow. You should be able to talk (with a little effort) while you are running. This will get easier with time, but you can't be too slow to start.
  7. If it helps you to use an ipod or walkman, do it. I know that the sound of my own breathing (gasping) makes me feel awkward and out-of-shape. If you need music or a book to pass the time or mask the gasp, that is OK. Just do it with the volume low so you can hear cars or other people/animals if you are running outside.
  8. Run outside or on the treadmill. Does not matter. It's more convenient and pleasant for me to run outside, but do what you like.
  9. I'm available to do runs with anybody on the weekends - Annika will join in and make us feel silly and Dagny will yell encouragement from the stroller.
  10. Do not do your runs in old shoes. If you've never gone to a running store (Big Peach Running Company, Fleet Feet, Phidippides, Spikes Running Company), you need to go and have them watch you run and buy some decent shoes. This is the only required investment. If you are nervous about going to a running store, I will accompany you with two loud children to deflect any possible embarrassment. If you have decent running shoes that are newish and don't hurt your feet at all, we can put off the shopping until later. It's important to get the right shoes for you, and the running store folks will help you find these for FREE. I love my Brooks and have worn this brand for 8 years, but you have to get the right shoes for you.
  11. Please update me (email, facebook, pmail on Beginner Triathlete) with your weekly mileage on or after Sunday each week. Then I can update the chart and post it for all to admire.
  12. I'll post a survey to see what race (if any) we all want to do together. This is not a requirement, but I thought it would be fun. And, afterwards I'll buy the beer.
  13. If you are at all interested in logging your workouts, Beginner Triathlete allows you to log them for FREE if you join up (also free). And, there are cute little charts with different colors for each activity. I love a chart.

Any new recruits are welcome. Trish, Robin, Lotzie and Katie, this means you.

Hooray! Can we run it? Yes, we can!


Danielle said...

Sounds like a great plan that you have devised! Can't wait to see everyone's successful progress!

Trish Sharp said...

yeah!!!!! i love my new nick name!!!

Kevin said...

Thats great you got all those people into it. I am starting with .25-.5 min run .1-.25 walk totaling 3 miles. So far, so good. I am definitely not rushing back in too quickly

Sarah said...

This is awesome - go you with the running recruitment! Woohoo!!

Heather said...

I love your plan and I love that you are turning your setback into an opportunity to share the "running love"! I'll be following your progress and cheering you all on! :)

JoeVic said...

You know the only other person I know nicked named Sailor was a character from the 1983 movie Uncommon Valor.

- "Sailor" a mental case with a heart of gold - played by Randall "Tex" Cobb.

You know he didn't survive the movie didn't ya. :)

Be that as it may, I will wear this nickname proudly, for he sacrificed himself in an extremely corny movie to save his buddies.

Wes said...

Way to be a bad influence Steph!! Woo hoo!! :-)

Dogwood Girl said...

Awesome, Steph. Wish you had been this organized when i first started running. . .:-)

Great idea.

Charlie said...

I'm not local but...If the doctor gives me the okay to start running after my appointment on 22 Dec, I may be ready to start your program too!

Steve and Aimee Walker said...

I think I could even follow the plan. I hurt something (Steve thinks it's IT band) a couple years ago in the Peachtree Rd Race and only occassionaly jog since then. I should try for a few weeks and see if I have any problems.