Friday, January 23, 2009

Here I Go Again

Overcommitted, swamped, busy. Wah, wah, wah. I'm just slack and haven't posted the chart about the progress of the fabulous couch to 5K group.

I've been having a hard time coming up with a good chart that will accurately highlight the achievement of each athlete. The group is all over the map on their activity levels so while it's a HUGE accomplishment for some of us to finish the plan minutes, others were doing more than that before the plan began so their minutes make the first person's minutes feel bad. You see my problem?

Charts aside, everyone in the group is kicking ass. I'm so proud of you guys! You rock!

Here is an update on the crew:
  • Aimee and Steve are probably going to Ethiopia next month to get their adopted daughter and Steve's foot is still sore from his surgery so their running has not been as frequent as they would like but that is OK! Babies are more important. Keep your fingers crossed for their court date!
  • Barbara keeps forgetting to send her run minutes but I know from Jen that she is doing great. : )
  • Elena is making a huge comeback to running after her year off last year.
  • Jen was sidelined with the flu and her oldest daughter had the throw-up virus so she had a bad week last week. However, Jen is going to run at the park with Julia in the stroller tomorrow while Sophie plays with Annika, Dagny and I at the playground. Or maybe I'll have all 4 kids and beer after!
  • Joe is still working up to running, but he is doing awesome on his 30 mins of walking and his healthier diet.
  • Lauren has made her 30 minutes of run/walking a habit and is frequently exceeding her goal minutes.
  • Lynn started late with the group, but has made a great start so far. She is a new runner like Jen so give them both some love!
  • Michele ran 24 minutes yesterday and her brother was able to come home from the hospital so it's all good news from her.
  • Ryan from my office is still thinking about whether he wants to join the group. C'monRyan!
  • Steph F. has been traveling a lot but I think she went to the gym a lot too. I keep forgetting to ask about her minutes but will do it on Monday.
  • Trish is exceeding her goal run minutes every week by a lot already, so she is going to be superfast by the time we get to race.
  • Me. I'm still not even walking for 30 minutes, so until my foot gets better I'll just make everyone look good.
  • I've not heard from Cindy, Charlie and Sara this week, but I'm going to predict that Cindy and Sara got all of their run minutes done even with the cold temps and that Charlie has surpassed 30 minutes per day of running already.

I'll be scoping out some races for us to do in April. Any suggestions are welcome.

In other news, my 2009 race plan is shot all to heck. I was supposed to do the Red Top Rumble trail race in February and the ING half or whole marathon in March. Not to mention a defense of my second place AG finish (and chase of Natalie) at the Chattahoochee Road Runners race. Sigh. These have all turned into volunteer opportunities, though, so it's not all bad.

The Red Top Rumble race director says that they have the perfect water stop for me to cheer on the racers and still get back to the finish AND I get to use my entry fee for next year. I was so excited for this race. The GUTS group is really neat so I hope that I get to do more of their events next year.

A friend forwarded me a link to a lady soliciting bike volunteers to escort wheelchair racers at the ING Marathon, so I made my application and I'm in! How cool is that? Do you know how fast a wheelchair racer does a marathon? 1 hr 30 mins! WHOOO! So it will really still be a race for me!

I've got an email in to the Chattahoochee Road Runners too. Doug is going to do this race so I'll definitely find a job to do there.

So, it's not racing, but I still get to play outside a little. And, volunteering is way cheaper than racing.


Lauren said...

The Sweetwater 420 Race is April 18. It's in Candler Park. Coincides with the beer festival.
11 AM start time, $18 entry fee.

The Radiant Systems Sprint for Cancer is the 19th. $20 entry fee, 8am start time. It's in Atlantic Station.

If we pushed to the next weekend. "Run The River" is in Roswell. 7:30 start time, $25 entry fee

Those are my suggestions.

Steph Bachman said...

You said beer. Mmmm, beer. And the Flying Biscuit is there. Hmm, I'm going to have to learn to use the polling function.

Good suggestions, Lauren!

Kevin said...

I am hoping to be in 10K shape by the CRR race. It has always been one of my favorite 10Ks next to the PRR

Sarah said...

Ooh, I wonder how fast you have to ride for the escort thing? I would LOVE to do that! How awesome!!

Karen said...

Ummm can't suggest a race as it wouldn't exactly be local for you guys ;o)

... and isn't there a name missing from the list... like how is your training going?! Or is it there but I missed it, maybe I missed it!!! :O)

skigator93 said...

All of Lauren's suggestions are great races...The Run For the River in Roswell is a little dicey on the parking and crowd though - have to get there early.

Some other possibilities:
This is a new race.

Also April 18th - BROOKHAVEN ROTARY "LEND A HAND" 5K/1 MILE ROAD RACE; Oglethorpe University, ATLANTA; 5K – 8:00 A.M;
the races held at Brookhaven are a little hilly, but go through nice neighborhoods and have a great downhill finish!