Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just Like Honey

Last week there was a thread on the BT board about Accelerade powder and whether folks liked to drink it during their longer workouts. Many people posted that they couldn't stand the taste or that they couldn't handle the lumpy texture or the protein in it. Doug and I discussed this at length and agreed that folks who have GI issues aside, the folks who couldn't stand the taste were just not working hard enough when they tried it.

Because on my bike ride today, that orange Accelerade was HEAVEN. Just like honey. And I've had rides where the lemon tasted like my Grammy's lemon bars. I am not kidding.

I was a trifle under-fueled today from what I would ordinarily take on a bike ride (1 bottle of Accelerade + 1 Gu per hour), but I'm a little over-fueled internally so I figured it was OK. I'm a little loopy now but not bonky so I think it was a good decision.

Further evidence of how good a decision was the uncomfortable moment when I saw what the elastic in my bike shorts was doing to my mid-section when I stopped for a potty break. Sigh. All that work from last year is gone . . . gone . . . gone.

Anyway, big thanks to Doug for changing the tire on my bike while I was at church with Grammy. I REALLY needed the endorphins of a ride today. It was yucky-looking when I started but the sun came out on my way home and more than made up for the fact that I couldn't go up the good hills. I got to wave to lots of nice bikers and told one cute young man (you know you are old when you think of cute boys as "young man") that his shoelace was untied so he wouldn't fall. What a difference a ride makes.

Last weekend I was so angry that I wanted to punch all of the walls and kick stuff. And there was no possibility of a run to even me out. And it was too cold to go outside. It got worse all week. By Friday, I was just foul.

But now I've had my ride and I'm doing better. Thanks Doug.

The update on my awesome 5K group is in the previous post. Still trying to think of a way to show everyone's progress and making a list of possible races.


Trish Sharp said...

glad you got out and enjoyed some fresh air.
i spent most of the day in the kitchen having a good time, but now i am nursing a migraine.
no running last week.
gonna try getting it done in the morning this week.
we'll see.

not to much success with the bread today. good taste, but boy was it an ugly loaf.

Dorothy Gould said...

Yay Steph, glad you got in a ride.

Brett said...

I get so crabby when I don't workout. I'm even harder than normal to live with ! :)