Sunday, October 09, 2005

Drive-By Parenting

So, we went to watch the GA/TENN game during dinner at our neighborhood family sports bar yesterday. Annika asked me to take her to the potty, so off we went. It was, as I suspected, a ploy to get out of her chair (not to use the potty), but that is OK. However, while we were in the bathroom stall, this little kid (I estimate his age at 5) kept peeking under the door of the stall and talking to us. Kids do this sometimes, but this boy was (1) unattended, (2) clearly older than a potty-trainer, and (3) did it more than three times. After the kid started banging the door and the changing table in the adjacent stall, I escorted him out of the bathroom (we were still waiting for Annika to use the potty - very difficult if there are any distractions).

Granted, I am totally hormonal and in need of a cold, frosty, adult beverage, but I really wish that I had said something to the kid's parents. I watched him for the rest of our meal and when he wasn't eating, the kid was going in and out of both restrooms while his parents thought he was playing video games (conveniently located on the way to the restrooms). Is he going to be a big weirdo because he is obsessed with going in the bathrooms or is he just lonely?

You never want to be "that parent", though, the one who thinks she knows it all and tells you about it.

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