Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Back in Blue

On Monday, I put on my jeans!

Granted, they are larger than all of my other jeans - the ones that make Doug say "Steph - those are too big for you" and they are not riding exactly right, but I'm wearing them. You forget how cool it is to wear pants without elastic in the waistband.

The weight loss appears to be continuing, though way slower than Anne's - way to go Anne! I'm attributing the recent loss to (1) no pretzels in my house, (2) no time for snacks, and (3) illness-related water retention going away.


Dogwood Girl said...

Aww, thanks. But my weight loss has stalled, and i totally blew my diet last night (thai curry, thom ka, wine, and a small movie popcorn.)

Steph Bachman said...

That sounds like a date! I'm so jealous of your outing - I've not yet been apart from Dagny and frankly, it's stifing.

You are so losing weight - your ticker says only 3 lbs to go!