Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cingularly Unhelpful

My sweet husband bought me a new phone a few weeks ago. It rocked. So much fun. Unfortunately, we don't get AT&T/Cingular service in our house. This is not unusual because of our elevation. We were already concerned when we considered switching from our old carrier. I found another provider and phone that do work in the house and attempted to return the old phone on Friday.

After thirty minutes of waiting at the Cingular store with my rambunctious children, the saleslady explained that they were a vendor and not a "company store," so they couldn't help me. OK, the customer service folks on the phone did say I had to return at a company store, so I chalked it up to a communications error.

Saturday morning (the day I was to fly out of town on business), I loaded up the phone and the kids and drove to the company store. I explained that the phone was wonderful but their network didn't work in my house, blah, blah, blah. The sales woman asked for the credit card that was used on the transaction. I explained that my husband made the purchase and I don't have his card. "Well," she said, "you will have to bring it back another time." I asked for help from a manager because surely they could use their transaction information to reverse the charge on the card. No. No helping. No manager. No talking to my credit card company on the phone.

After driving back home to see if Doug had left his wallet there (no), we went to the UPS store and shipped it instead because, apparently, the warehouse had the credit card information that the company store didn't. It was $13.64 well spent, including the copies of all of the stuff I sent. I love that UPS store guy. Every time I get the shaft from someone else (Stapes, Cingular, etc), he helps me out with a smile.

Here is a photo of the place we went on my work trip. It was a really cool place and I learned a lot from all of the other lawyers. Of course, I promptly lost my new phone on the way home, and then lost my marbles at the airport. Two very nice Delta employees helped me, but there was no phone to be found. I'm trying to get a new one now.


Dorothy Gould said...

Customer service...where has it gone? So sorry that after all that you lost you 2nd new phone, yikes! And we too love our UPS store as well, they are so helpful, plus have a train table which keeps the little ones busy.

Nat said...

You went to Austria for a business meetting. Uhm, wow.

Sorry about the phone. I have bad luck with phones.

I think that all stores need drive thru's. It it the biggest pain in the ass to drag your kids in these stores and then have to wait around and then not be helped.

Jarrett Meyer said...

I actually have more luck dealing with people online than in actual stores. How disturbing is that? Generally, yes, in-store reps at places like that are quite unhelpful.

(Your mileage may vary.)

Dogwood Girl said...

Wow. Austria. Jeal.lous. I know there is only one "l" in the word, but it wouldn't come across like I would say it if i left that second one out. Did you get a bitchin' new phone?