Sunday, June 17, 2007


This week, Doug to Annika to her first movie. We bought our first triathlon clothes. Doug and I ran our first race with both girls (in strollers). Doug had his first Gu (and so did I). And, I did my first brick - thanks only to the sweetness of my husband to take care of the girls for two hours on Father's Day so that I had time to go.

The movie was "Surf's Up" which starred penguins very similar to those in "Happy Feet," only they weren't the same penguins. Annika enjoyed the pageantry of the movies, the snacks and the alone time with Dad. Doug said the movie was OK if you have to go to a kid movie. We also watched "Shrek 2," which was pretty hilarious - very funny movie trivia and popular culture jokes.

The clothes were found at REI. I got some cool shorts and Doug has already exchanged his purchases for alternatives which will hopefully fit better. Both times, Dagny melted down in the store - big fun. It's been a while since I've been down to the REI. It's so cool - there are so many neat things, I could spend the day there. It's almost like the knitting store -all of the aisles feel like they are bursting with products shouting the cool things you could do with them if you only had the time and cash.

Yesterday, Doug and I ran the Possum Trot race in Roswell at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. We both finished in about 54 minutes. Pretty good for a stroller race, especially when you factor in the slow start because we passed the whole world. In case you didn't know, no one wants to start behind a stroller. I think we were the second and third or third and fourth strollers to finish. At the end, this cool guy in a red Honda shirt was cheering on his buddy (Paul - also in a red Honda shirt). But the cheering guy was encouraging everyone, me included. His "go get 'em" attitude really pumped me up and I finished strong just under 55 minutes on the race clock. Doug tested out the Cytomax and orange Gu on this run. He said they were both fine and the couple sips of Cytomax tasted OK to me. The race advertised photos on the internet after 2pm yesterday, but I can't find them.

Today I rode/ran my first run/bike brick. At the river (flat), I did around 10 miles on the bike at 11/12 mph (48 mins) and then 5K run at 7:52 pace. Whew! Doug was right. Biking first really tires you out for the run. My legs were OK, but that was due in part to the Hammer Gel I ate while riding the bike and the potty break that I took during transition. At the end, I tried to turn it up to finish faster than 24 minutes, but my legs just wouldn't cooperate. I could have probably worked harder on the bike but I think it was a good first try. Here is what I learned: (1) I need to work on shifting, (2) gloves and sunglasses are good, (3) I need to open the Gu before I get on the bike, (4) running shorts + bike = not so fun. Next ride I'll test out the cool new shorts.

And, at the race on Saturday we saw a friend of mine from college and law school. It turns out that she and her husband are doing triathlons too and she is doing the same one as Nat and me! Now I have someone to try to beat! Whooo!


Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Very exciting firsts, way to go. Congrats on the Possum Trot, sounds like a good flat course for a stroller. Now for my stupid question...what is a brick?
Also thanks for the review of "Surf's Up" we may have to take that in.

Wes said...

All those firsts are exciting! I highly recommend bike shorts or tri shorts! My, ahemmmm, crotch says they are necessary! even when you do use them after 42 miles :-) I didn't know REI carried tri stuff. That is cool. Nice job on the brick! I think you got that run thing down!!

Steph Bachman said...

Brick means a combination of run/bike, swim/run, bike/swim. When you are doing triathlons, those combo workouts are called bricks. I don't know why - maybe because your feet feel like bricks when you start? or because you feel like a badass for saying "oh, I did a brick today."

REI is hit or miss on the tri gear but I love them so I'll continue to look there first (or ebay).