Saturday, February 07, 2009

One Man Down

Annika is with Grammie and Grampa at the GymDogs meet this weekend. Dagny, who falls out at 7pm (which is right about the time the meets usually start) was not invited. So Dagny and I have had a lovely day on our own. We watched some shows, we had Dagny's favorite breakfast (cereal) and a picnic lunch at the park before playing on "all of the playgrounds" as requested. The queen is currently napping off all of the activity.

Doug and I have been invited to not one, but three (three!) adults-only events this evening. Doug is going to our friends' child's wedding, and we had to beg off of both the 30th birthday party and my cousin's girls-dinner. Dagny and I will have some spaghettios or other similarly simple dinner before reading books until bedtime. We might even shower. Or not. There is always tomorrow for a shower.

It's strange how much easier it is with just one kid. We didn't have to negotiate anything today - we just did what Dagny wanted to do, which is very similar to what I wanted to do. Except that she gets to nap while I go downstairs to pay the bills.

In other news, all of the couch-to-5K peeps are doing great. It's really cool to see everyone's minutes total growing each week. The April races are STILL not up on the Atlanta Track Club website, so I haven't posted the race-picking poll yet. Maybe next week.

In still other news, here is the link to the Georgia Bike Ride to the Capitol on March 3. Any of you readers who ae also bike-riders, get out there and ride with us.


Dorothy Gould said...

yes, one child at home= almost relaxing! Glad you had a nice day with Dagny.

Mike Maier said...

The relative peace of only one kid always astonishes me.