Wednesday, February 25, 2009

She Rides

She flies, she flies, oh baby when she rides, she rides.

Annika decided a few weeks ago that it was time to ride without training wheels on her bike. We've had several "learning" sessions which consisted mainly of me pushing her down the hill in our side yard and her coasting until she fell over.

Until last week.

Doug took her out onto the golf course because there is a flat path there. In 30 minutes flat, Annika was riding solo. She can even start off by herself now and come to a stop without falling over. It's amazing.

Here is a side view.

And a view from the back as she pedals up the hill. She goes a little further each time and can make it within about 20 yds from the top now.

Here are Annika and Sarah Anne on their bike date. Aunt Katie chased them up and down the road and sent me this photo.

Now, if I can train her to stop and look both ways before leaving the driveway, we will be in good shape.
In other news, I walked up and down the biking road with Annika 3x today. That's about 0.7 miles. The foot is a little sore but not bad. Just in time for my MRI tomorrow. Still, 0.7 miles is way better than zero. Way better.
At this rate, I'll get to wear my new running shoes (Brooks Adrenaline 8s that I bought in September) before summer!


Heather said...

Yeah Annika! :) You have a cyclist in the making already.

Trish Sharp said...

rock on. at least she didn't have to learn on a gravel drive way like me and my sister did.

speaking of shoes, i am still planing to shack up at your place on my b-day weekend if that is still cool, so if there is time on saturday before dinner, maybe we can hit a shoe store and get me some decent shoes. what do ya think??

Dorothy Gould said...

wow, i am very impressed. my 7 year old has no interest in taking off her training wheels. i guess peer pressure will take care of that eventually!

Dogwood Girl said...

Good luck, tomorrow! And mine are still on training wheels.

Elena said...

That's awesome! I like how she's leaning to the left in one of those photos. It's like the "before" shot of a fall. :)