Friday, February 13, 2009

Out of Practice

Doug went out of town for a funeral yesterday. He will be home tomorrow. He was all worried about how I would fare without him. "I did OK when both kids got the throw-up virus the last time," I said, in reference to a trip he took a few years ago. "What could be worse than that?"

Maybe I'm just out of practice, but it is really hard to take care of the kiddos and go to work. Sure, I cleaned the stove and got caught up on the laundry, but I stayed up too late watching TV and doing my physical therapy (and facebook) last night. Then, this morning, I got up early, made Annika's lunch, got the Valentines packed and the grapes cut for Dagny's party, but we missed Annika's bus because I lost track of time while on the phone getting work advice from my friend, Steph. I must mention that I was also curling my hair and applying make-up at the same time as I was on the phone, lest you think that I can't multi-task. I also think I dropped the f-bomb when I realized what had happened. It was not my finest moment.

Then, while Steph and I were on the way to a post-meeting lunch, Dagny's school called. Dagny was coughing and feeling badly so we picked her up and took her to lunch at Moe's with us. She had 1 chip and a cookie. We dropped Steph back off at the office, picked up my computer and work and headed home. Dagny took a long nap, but we will be going to the store now for some medicine. That party we are all supposed to attend tomorrow is looking iffy. Poor old Dagny.

In other news, my foot is worse after all of the activity on Sunday. I'm sucking it up and still walking from my regular parking space this week because I'm done being a close-parker. I refuse to do it any longer. I did make another appointment to see my dear orthopaedist on Tuesday, so maybe he will have the magic bullet for me.

Also, I'm really enjoying the Brooks ID group. I'm living vicariously through all of the neat races the other members are doing and the discussions of all of the shoe models. Couch-to-5K folks, the Track Club still does not have their April race list up, so that is why I've not posted the poll for your race yet. Maybe over the weekend it will appear. I have a prelminary list, but want to be sure we don't miss a fun race because I posted too early.


Octavia Sharp said...

let's just chalk it up to being friday the 13th and it was all beyond your control anyway.
crap i gotta be able to run 5k by april....yuck.
someone better promise to run slooooowly at the back of the pack with me.

Nat said...

Whew! What a busy day! Give Dags kisses for me. Carmella and Beau were bummed we couldn't all hike together. Carmella said Annika smacks Beau's butt and tells him to run faster. I don't remember that but that would sure be funny to see. We will have to hook up for iron kid training sessions for certain!