Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Garmin's Results

For my half-marathon at Walt Disney World, here are Garmin's results by Mile number, in minutes and seconds. Clearly I should have moved towards the front of my corral, but perhaps the slow start allowed me to finish as easily as I did:

  1. 11:48
  2. 10:47
  3. 10:52
  4. 10:28
  5. 10:05
  6. 10:08
  7. 9:31
  8. 9:56
  9. 10:10
  10. 9:53
  11. 9:15
  12. 8:51
  13. 8:25
  14. this wasn't actually a mile, but 0.41 miles in 2:53

I'm not sure why Garmin thinks I went farther than 13.1 miles. It could be that I forgot to press stop at the finish or did it late - I don't know. Please note the negative splittage is marred only by my visit to the porto-potty in mile 9. Stopping at all but one of the previous 9 water stops made this necessary - it was humid, folks! I'll post a full race report later (maybe later in the week) with some photos of the girls at Disney.


Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Congratulations! I am glad it went well for you, especially with all you have been thru with your knee issues. Can't wait to see pics of the girls at Disney, and to hear about the rest of your trip and race.

Nat said...

What a strong finish! No doubt you will do great in March. 8:25 for that last mile? That? Is awesome.

You know, Garmin in the Atlanta half gave me over a mile and I know it wasn't from not stopping it. It happened somewhere around mile 11 when I was in the downtown area. Maybe because of the buildings but I think I lost the signal and probably had turned when the satelites picked it back up and however that triangulation works it overesitmated the lost distance. For that race it says I ran like 5 minute miles, as if. Thank God ATC has awesome mile markers and I knew I still had a few miles to go.
Anyway, that is maybe what happened to you.