Saturday, January 20, 2007

Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue. One of Mike's sisters mentioned this in a comment over at Hollandsenieuwe. My mom used to tell us this (in the really annoying sing-songy voice) when I was a kid and boy, did we hate it.

So right now, I don't have any patience. I knew that something would fall through the cracks when I started my permanent job (that's right - the temporary, part-time gig turned into a permanent, more-hours but still not-full-time gig). When I started the temp project, birthday cards fell off my plate. Until last year, every cousin, aunt, uncle, other relative or friend got a birthday card on or near (except for Tara, whose birthday has always confused me) their special day - and most got a handwritten "message" from Annika. No more, after July of 2006 we terminated the cards because I never got around to buying any in August and we just slid downhill from there.

Anyway, despite Doug's herculean efforts around the house (relieving the sitter in the afternoon, cooking outrageously good dinners, helping me pack lunches), I find myself losing my marbles on an increasingly frequent basis. I'm going to have to work hard to find something else to lose so that the patience can stay on my plate and I won't yell at Annika because she has antagonized Dagny for the seventeenth time of the morning or just not gotten dressed when asked.

This short temper could be related to my crappy training. Natalie asked how my training for the ING half-marathon was going - in a word: badly. I don't know how long one is supposed to "recover" from a half-marathon, but I'm pretty sure that I've exceeded that time and have moved on over into either complete sloth or just re-injury. Because I ran my race at my training pace, took Tylenol and fueled as Joe recommended, it was not challenging cardio-vascularly and I didn't feel used-up at the end. However, my knee was toast. I have only run 7 miles each of the last two weeks (hopefully more this week because I have a date to run with Virginia this afternoon). That darn IT band just doesn't want to cooperate with my plans.

However, on Thursday I was able to run the loop around our block by running the uphills and walking the downhills. Since I haven't done any speed or hill runs since September, the loop was a challenge - I was actually sore! Maybe today will be the beginning of something good.

Now, if I could just find something else to "lose". . .

Speaking of which, I just noticed that I lost both Jason and Camille from the sites list during my change -you guys are clearly not paying attention either!


Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, I have to say, I did notice that Camille's blog was gone, but knew you would notice it sooner or later. About the patience, I hear you. I am guilty myself of the same thing. I think you are on target with the card thing. Maybe an e card would suffice? I have been known to do that when I miss a sibling bday, and no one seems to mind. I hope your knee gets better soon, I can imagine how fussterated (as Sophie would say) that must be.

Nat said...

You know Steph, I don't think you should blame your job for your thin patience. I think that is just what happens when you have 2 young children. At least that is what I tell myself. I mena I may not be at work all day but the bickering the whining all day--that makes me snap. Less so these days but it was bad when Carmella and Beau were your kids ages. That is why I went to the gym twice a day. I may have been too tired to workout but I still got a break and it helped me relax.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
ANd, btw, I htink I might want to be there to see you "snap" as I have never seen you be anything but calm and cool and very kind.

And don't worry about your recovery/training. I think you are doing just fine. You obviously have the fitness for a half so just build back easily. You can't expect to jump back where you finished your training prior to the race. It doesn't work that way. Keep in mind that in the fall I was doing 60-70 mpw and here I am struggling to get there again. Races/training take a lot out of you. And also, btw, not finishing the race spent is how you want to finish a race. It shows you were properly trained for the distance. Next time though you know you can push a little harder and will be fine.
OKay, my code word is:gfunkdze
Da funk days. Ain't it the truth.

Camille said...

ok, i didn't notice that my link was gone...but i HAVE been reading. i promise! hang in there with the job and the kids. i'm in the same boat- minus the job factor for the time being, but i know how you feel. it's not the job. it's the 2 kids. nat's right.