Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So, I drove to Savannah for work last week. That's right, 8.5 hours in the car for a 40 minute meeting and lunch. But, the meeting went well and they didn't need much of my legal expertise during the discussions (always a good thing), so it was a successful day. Along the way, I noticed how beautiful Georgia is. You don't always think about it, as you pass all of the piney woods and kaolin mines on I-95 and I-16, but this state is lovely. And Savannah - even the slums are gorgeous. If you ever have reason to visit the federal building in Savannah, please note that they do not have a lobby or bathroom that you may access without the presence of the party you plan to meet. No good after a 4.5 hour drive. There is, however, a lovely coffee/dessert shop just down the street (Walnut St, I think) that had good coffee, yummy scones, delicious-looking sandwiches, clean potties and all manner of chocolate, including chocolate thongs. I did not point these out to my colleagues when we returned for them to use the facilities, but I did buy a chocolate bar with chiles and nibs in it for Doug. No dice for him, but I have really enjoyed it. Yum. Please also note that if visiting Savannah, you need to take change for the parking meters or buy some stuff at the aforementioned coffee place so that you have enough to cover your time.

In other news, our training program called for Virigina and me to run 4x800 speed repeats, a 4 mile tempo run and an 8 mile long run this week. Viriginia and I found this program independently and are following it loosely to train for the ING race. I am following it more loosely than Virginia since it's not my first half (loved writing that, by the way) and my knee is still touchy. So, here is what I did this past week:

Tues: 4.02 mile tempo run in the flats at a 9:11 pace. This was not a hard run. I've not done any tempo runs since August, so I was pleased to get the four miles without my knee crapping out.
Thurs: 3 miles of hill repeats (sprint up, walk down) at a combined 9:18 pace. This was very difficult because it was cold, the hills are hard and I had a lot of phlegm. I was definitely sucking it at the end.
Sun: 6 miles at a 10:00 pace at the park (the flat one, not the Rec). Not hard, I probably could have run further but I didn't want to hurt the knee.

Pretty good, if I do say so myself. I've not been looking much at the training program because I'm so far off of it - especially the tempo part. To train based on my regular 5K pace, my tempo run should be at an 8:27 pace. I didn't even do the math for the speed work, and cross-training, forget about it! I'm off to a good start for this week, though, so hopefully the next post will be all about that.

Also, a friend of mine just found out that her baby may have a heart problem. They don't know how serious the problem is yet, and the baby won't be born until spring, but say a prayer for them please.


Nat said...

I've been wondering where you've been. . .
That does look like it was a good week. And I also haven't looked at my training plan in a while. I just can't bear to know how far from it I am. It doesn't matter. I'll get to that start line one way or another.

Are you still running at the crack of dawn? If so, I don't know how you are managing it. The past 2 days I have run in the late afternoon. It is warmer but that means today's scripted long run is going to be tough with only 12 hours between workouts. Ugh, I feel old.

I am hoping the best news for your friend.

Tara M. said...

I can tell you are a Georgia girl. My parents are renting a beach house for us in Hilton Head in May. They asked if they should fly into ATL and drive with us, or if they should just fly into Savannah. I told them the drive from here to Savannah is hideously ugly and they should just fly.

Glad you enjoyed your sojourn.

I will surely say a prayer for your friend.
Tara M.

Steph Bachman said...

I have to confess that Doug put a book on my i-pod and gave me his charger so I was able to enjoy a Nelson DeMille book while I drove behind the ridiculously fast Hyundai trucks.