Saturday, February 03, 2007

Not So Deep

So, I wrote a whole post about the nature of intelligence - based on Doug and my observations of the "Top Chef" season finale and the seminar that I attended at work this week. Alas, my two little friends called me out of the office and my post was lost. Regardless, I was rooting for Sam and when he didn't make the finale - for Marcel.

In other news, I discovered this week that the guy at my favorite running store is also using (loosely) the same running plan that Virginia and I are using. His race isn't until April, though, so he is much looser than we are. Anyway, this week we were to do 3x1600s, a 5 mile tempo run and a 10 mile long run. I was so excited about my tempo run that I almost posted about it on Tuesday - see what a little hubris gets you . . .

Tues: 6.18 mile tempo run at the park at an 8:10 pace. This is the best run that I have had since June or July. I actually ran my comfortable running pace - it was so uplifting. After 3 miles, my knee stiffened and I revised my plan to only go for 4 miles. Then at 4 miles, it felt OK so I just kept going. Thank you, Doug, for coming home early so that I could run in the afternoon.

Thurs: 3.01 mile hill/speed run (sprint up, walk down) at an 8:54 pace. I got to leave work early this day (thanks again, Doug), so I ran in the afternoon. I was truly sucking it at the end - felt like my lungs were trying to heave out of my throat to get some 0xygen. And, since others were awake, I had to run on the side of the road instead of the middle. Still, an improvement over last week. My plan to go 4 miles was abandoned due to the aforementioned sucking.

Sat: 4.02 miles at a 9:38 pace. I had planned to go 8 miles this morning at a 10:00 pace - set my Garmin and everything. My knee was stiff and I nearly quit after the first mile. Fought through it and kept running through miles 2 and 3. Then I had to go potty and decided that 4 was it. I was very depressed at my knee crapping out like that, but when Doug told me the temp when I came inside (24-26 degrees F), maybe that was a good enough excuse. I'll have to meet with my pal Billy in the morning as penance/punishment/make-up, though.


Nat said...

Good run on Tues!
Which hill in your hood are you using for hill repeats? The one on HH nearly killed me yesterday--so freaking long and a lady stopped me midway to ask where the tennis courts were, argghh. BP is bad too and so is OL (I hit it going down yesterday) but its worst part is short whereas the others go on forever. . . At any rate running those will get you some nice strong hammies for sure and definitely get you some speed. ING is going to seem flat and fast for you.

It was really cold yesterday. I had to wait to go til the temp got closer to freezing. I am finding I can't breathe when it is in the low 20's- teens. I think it is aggravating my asthma--which I never even notice I have for the most part.
Winter training is HARD!

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, I am very impressed by your training plan. It really makes me motivated to get to the gym on any sort of regular basis. Also, I was glad to provide the reminder about the 15 mth visit...I can't imagine how that slipped your mind, between kids and working.....:)

Emily said...

Top Chef is my favorite show!!! I cannot believe you were rooting for Marcel, the villin.
So if you can multi-task at work, I suggest going to this website and listening to the interviews while you work, so you can hear the "real" story. Mikey's is particularly funny:)