Tuesday, February 06, 2007


For those of you who don't frequent any online forums that use "internet-speak," TMI means too much information. Usually that means that someone is about to talk about their sex life or their poop or vomit. I will leave all of those things to your imagination. It may also be used in IMing, but I don't know how to do that so I can't comment.

Thank you, Dorothy, for reminding me that I was supposed to have done a 15 month check-up for Dagny. So, belatedly, here are the stats:

Height: 32 inches (80th percentile and exactly the same as Annika at this age)
Weight: 22lb, 11oz (38th percentile, down from 57th at the last visit - I thought she was looking thinner. That's almost 3lbs more than Annika at this age)
Head: 18.5 inches (69th percentile - still a pea, but not as much as Annika)

It's very interesting to see how little their body shapes resemble each other - Annika is thin and slight and Dagny is sturdy. When I was little/adolescent, my Grammy told me (to make me feel better about not being thin) that I was sturdy. Oooh, I hated being sturdy at the time, but now it makes me happy. I hear/read "sturdy" and I think "kick-ass."

In other news, Doug bought us a new scale because ours was getting a little erratic. Doug was having 8 lb weight shifts in 24 hr periods. I said it just needed a battery, but now we own a body composition monitor which tells us our weight, % bodyfat and % water. How's that for TMI?


Nat said...

OMG that would make me completely neurotic to have something like that in my house. I can only deal with getting weighed at the dr once a year. I don't even own a scale but when I did was on it all day. IT was bad and I obessesed about it. Total waste of time.

I had a relative call me sturdy too. You and I are of the same kick ass ilke.

PS I got new adrenelines the new ones with Mogo. Aweseom. very nice. And I signed up for the CC on Sat.

Dogwood Girl said...

I want to have one of those things. So, what is your BMI, Steph? tell the internet. I bet it is good.

Emily said...

hey girl,
I recently sent you an invite to join gmail. It's pretty much awesome and if you sign up, we can gmail IM while I'm at work too!
you know you want to

jasonaut said...

as a kid, we always shopped in the "husky" section at sears. As a nerd, I hated being husky. It seemed like the same section where all the bullies shopped. Then I got un-husky. Still I think I'd rather be husky than chubby. But it switches when you grow up.
Sturdy is good too.
Now we have one of those scales, except just with BF and weight. very fun. did you know that the Marines require 18% BF or better? so that's my goal.