Sunday, February 25, 2007

Not So Very Smart

So, in the beautiful weather this afternoon I took Annika and Dagny up the street to play with their cousins. In the whirlwind of getting ready for the outing (filling water, using the bathroom, etc), Doug suggested that Annika drive her jeep. We bought this for her for Christmas from a friend whose daughter had outgrown it. Against my better judgment (because Doug made me feel like an asshole), I made the "if a car is coming at you, you must stop" rule and off we went.

Because it was too scary for me to strap Dagny into the car with Annika, I pushed her in the push-n-ride car with it tilted into a wheelie so that her feet didn't catch on the pavement. So, we had the first near miss crossing the street in front of our house. Annika panicked while I was trying to explain where to drive (against the curb, facing traffic) and stopped in the middle of the road. I (still holding Dagny in wheelie-position) grabbed the bar of the car and yanked her over to the curb out of the way of the oncoming car. We will be lucky if her neck isn't sore. Sigh. After another discussion of where to drive, we were off. I think that those 0.4 miles were the longest of my life.

Did I mention that the jeep has two speeds? Low, which is a crawl, and fast, which is faster than I can walk. So I walked then jogged, walked then jogged. We made it to Katie's house without wrecking and fun was had by all. Annika only had one time-out and it was only because she ran the car into me. Much better than running into her cousins or sister, and she didn't do it intentionally. She is just a bad driver (just like Mom!). Katie offered to drive us home (to get the car later) but I sucked it up, put the car in low speed for the downhill and off we went. Annika hates low speed. I let her put in back in fast when we got to the flat parts.

Upon our return (not too much the worse for wear), Doug said "why didn't you just put Dagny in the car." I explained the terror of Annika driving Dagny and that I couldn't walk fast enough to keep up. He said that I should have put Dagny in and jogged alongside, with the idea of grabbing the car if Annika made a driving error. Maybe next trip. In the meantime, I'm going to get an adult beverage and try to calm down.

In other news, Annika's pants (size 4-T) are too short. She has actually been eating for the past two days, so we thought a growth spurt was upon us and 'lo it appears to have already happened.

Still other news: my parents have moved into the neighborhood. I think Dad is enjoying it already, but hopefully Mom will warm up on the idea soon. Dagny and Annika LOVE to drop by for visits or grocery errands.

Running: Tuesday was an 8 mile tempo run. Tempo-schmempo. I ran at the park and Garmin was worthless. He kept stopping while I was still running. I think I ran almost 8 miles at about a 9 minute/mile pace. Thursday was the hill sprints with walking in between - 3.37 miles at a 9:15 combined pace. Saturday was an 8.34 mile long run at 9:20 pace - it was my first non-park run and I did OK to end up back at the front of our subdivision (it's all downhill from there) at close to the 8 mile goal. Probably I should have eaten something before I did this run because it was pre-breakfast but I had to get back by 7 for Doug to leave for his tournament, so I chalked it up to fat-burning training. I'm STILL craving salt, though. Maybe I'll have gatorade next time. Anyone noticing a trend on the pacing? Yep, it was the week of 9 - that wasn't the plan, but oh well.


Nat said...

Yuu wouldn't believe the salt I crave. I have olives at almost every meal except breakfast.
Good week.

PS I would have panicked about the car too--hence why we don't own one.

Mike Maier said...

Does Brookfield have sidewalks? I don't remember any, but I could be wrong. If not maybe you can take over the board of governors or whatever and change that with all the neighborhood family...

Steph Bachman said...

no sidewalks. The neighborhood would probably love them but they are very expensive (about $5K per house) so no one wants to foot the bill for that.