Friday, February 23, 2007

The Scourge

Now that I'm the mother of toddler and preschooler, I'm coming around to the idea that pinkeye is the new scourge. I know that you can give it to yourself and that toddlers are most likely to do it because of the frequent finger/nose + finger/eye contact, but frequently (like the throw-up virus), it seems like folks send their kids out sick so that they spread their crud to everyone else.

Yesterday, Doug's sister called me at work to tell me that one of the other moms in Annika's class reported that 3 kids in the class have pinkeye (3 out of 13). Yikes! Annika's eyes were goopy yesterday morning but didn't look red. After a warning email to Doug, 2 hours of worrying about my own itchy eyes and one trip to the ladies room to wash hands and check the mirror, I realized that maybe it's just spring. That, and I saw a sign at the eye doctor's office on the way home that said something about allergies. Me being crazy and paranoid is nothing new.

However, I took Annika to her first swim lesson today. She whined and acted like she was going to drown (she was not - they put a floatie on her at the beginning so that she wouldn't sink) - it was very embarrassing, but hilarious. Wow, are we ever going to have to work on toughening her up, though. What a wuss. Anyway - back to the story, while we were waiting to begin the lesson, one of the teachers showed up late to work. The other instructors had been whispering about him prior to his arrival because he was late. His right eye was swollen shut and he said that it hurt to even open it. That's right - pinkeye. No one said that out loud, and the guy said he would do his lessons with goggles on, but they sent him home.


I was very worried about the scene I was about to make about how my kid was not getting in the pool with oozy eye boy.

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Dorothy Gould said...

I hate pink eye, and it does travel like wildfire. I am glad they sent the instructor home, although I would have liked to hear about your making a scene too...:)