Friday, February 16, 2007

Now That's Action

Today the House passed a resolution (non-binding) which says that they disapprove of President Bush's direction in Iraq. In case you've not heard of this, read a story on MSNBC here.

Regardless of your position on the war in Iraq or President Bush, doesn't a non-binding resolution saying that they don't like his plan seem dumb? I remember listening to a Representative (don't recall his name - he's not from GA) say on NPR on the day after the State of the Union address that he really needed to "DO SOMETHING" about this new plan and that his action would be to propose a non-binding resolution. What kind of action is that? Who doesn't know how their Representative feels about this issue? Or their Senator? What is the point of a non-binding resolution but to send a big F-you to the Executive Branch? And that helps our country, how? Doesn't the Congress send the President a big F-you every day anyway? Seems like it to me.

Why do they waste our tax dollars this way? I think these folks have a bit too much time on their hands and might need some real jobs.

I'm "off" from my paying job today and Annika was supposed to go away with Doug's folks for the weekend. We had big plans for running this afternoon and an adult dinner, with wine. Instead, Annika threw up on the rug in the den. She seems fine, though, so that is good - but if anyone knows how to get vomit out of the fringe of a rug, please let me know.

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