Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Food Wars

Mike just posted about the food issues going on at their house. Annika has developed the delightful habit of sitting with her food in her mouth (un- or partially-chewed) when she is supposed to be eating. Sometimes she even adds little gagging sounds to increase our fun. The offending food doesn't have to be anything that she doesn't like (onions, peppers, anything good) - sometime it is something as yummy as applesauce or bananas.

Last night, we had a meal of Chinese food that we got at Trader Joes - Shu Mai and Chicken Lemongrass sticks (which are a lot like taquitos with lemon flavoring) and honey glazed baby carrots (not from Trader Joes, but from Doug's imagination). No dice. After 10 minutes at the table with her first bite of Shu Mai in her mouth, Doug sent Annika to "The Chair" to chew it up and swallow with the instructions that she couldn't return to the table until she finished. She sat there for an hour while Doug and I had a delightful dinner and shared a bottle of wine and conversation. Dagny screamed a lot because Annika was missing and because she wasn't hungry either, but we can talk louder than she can scream. Apparently, the pile of Chik-Fil-A nuggets that they had for lunch at Annika's Valentines party filled them up so that they weren't interested in dinner (except for Dagny's cheerios). Too bad, they missed out.

Just wait until Annika figures out that she can spit out the food that is sitting in her mouth.


Nat said...

Beau does that. Drives me crazy. They thought it was part of his speech problem but it isn't. He can acutally seperate the food he doesn't like and pockets it in his cheek and go on eating the other stuff he likes.That is some mouth dexterity. He will willing put anything in his mouth and chew it but if he doesn't like it he won't swallow it. He will chew crap for like 2 hours. So gross. I usually have to let him spit it out because it is bedtime and I can't have him choking.

Mike Maier said...

I remember holding food in my mouth just until I could find a good place to hide it. I've found that everyone is happier with more small meals than the standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule (when adults want to eat).