Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Party at My House!

Doug is going to the hockey game tonight with some friends and after I learned that the running will not fit into my schedule this afternoon, I thought to myself - cool! What are we going to DO? Just as if it were my parents leaving me alone for the evening.

So, chick movies? drinking the mom-and-dad-not-homes? breakfast for dinner? everyone sleeping in my room? prank calls? bras in the fridge?

Who knows, the world is our oyster. Dagny and I will hit the Trader Joes while Annika is at school to see what we should get for dinner because, let's face it, Doug usually makes our dinner. Maybe this won't be so much fun after all.


Dogwood Girl said...

Camille and I have been discussing that we moms need to implement more spend the night parties when the menfolk are out of town. It gets lonely - might as well make a party out of it.

Nat said...

My husband is out of town half of the fall so I offer up my tiny house. Whoever wants to crush into my king is welcome. OR I guess you could sleep on Beau's top bunk. Slumber parties I am up for--sleeping on the floor, not so much.